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If your customers are happy with your eLearning product, they become the marketing champions of the company, and promote your services to others. Hence, developing a course, which meets quality standards, is the key to customer satisfaction and company’s growth.
Customers dream of a course, which can be delivered within no time, with zero or minimal cost. Therefore, quality is not only about meeting client expectations; it is meeting mutually defined and agreed upon expectations of customer and vendor. We appoint an External Quality Assurance team (Quality Reviewers and External Verifiers), to work with centres on quality improvement.
Where a centre can demonstrate it robustly meets our standards for quality assurance, we can allow you Direct Claims Status, permitting you to sign off the award of credit and moving the external quality assurance to a lighter touch approach.

We support centres and offer training in the assessment of learners and internal verification of awards.
If you have any questions about our Quality Assurance, you can call our team on 0151 494 2072. Can you tell me the details of Certificate Course in Healthcare Quality Management course offered by AApollo Hospitals & Medvarsity in Hyderabad in India? The Certificate Course in Healthcare Quality Management course offered by AApollo Hospitals & Medvarsity in Hyderabad is designed to provide participants with a solid foundation of all the core elements of healthcare quality improvement. Understand the fundamental concepts, tools and management techniques through which quality management and improvement can be delivered in a healthcare setting. The following errors occurred with your submission Okay Your Username: Click here to log in Message: Options Quote message in reply?

If you want a ‘quality’ eLearning course, every team member-be it project manager, instructional designer, courseware developer or the technology team- should be champions of quality. If they are not happy with the eLearning product you created, they can erode the reputation of the company. If you wish to update your understanding of delivery and assessment or internal quality assurance then please click here to see our training offer.
We undertake a risk assessment to ensure that a centre’s Internal Quality Assurance practice supports the safe and secure award of credit.

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quality assurance courses in kenya today

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