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Page Content??Components of Quality Assurance in JUCQuality assurance in JUC has four components. Entrance quality Comprises the previous knowledge and ca??pabilities of the students when they are admitted to a program. Program quality Comprises the quality of the program description and the organization of the learning process. Teaching quality Comprises the quality of the facilitation of the learning process, th??e ability of the academic staff to organize teaching and supervision so as to optimize the learning outcomes of students. Result quality Comprises the learning outcomes of students, their personal development and the progression of their studi??es in relation to the program schedule. Management quality Denotes the a??bility of the college to manage quality assurance and quality improvement with regard to its own activities.
Quality Matters is an international pioneer in the review and recognition of high quality online courses. In response to the rapid growth of online and blended learning in the CSU and the need to support the development of high quality courses, the Chancellor’s Office established the QOLT initiative. NVP Software Solutions will be participating in the following three software testing and quality assurance events happening this March in Ontario, Canada. If your customers are happy with your eLearning product, they become the marketing champions of the company, and promote your services to others. Hence, developing a course, which meets quality standards, is the key to customer satisfaction and company’s growth.
Customers dream of a course, which can be delivered within no time, with zero or minimal cost. Therefore, quality is not only about meeting client expectations; it is meeting mutually defined and agreed upon expectations of customer and vendor.

The quality of resources thereby includes the academic staff and other human resour??ces, all physical facilities and the various factors of an academic and beneficial nature that are essential for establishing a good learning environment. At JUC, the plan for a course is given in ??a course description, and the plan for a program of study in a program description. The committee includes the Managing Director, all deputies of the male and female branches, the director of administration and finance department, and the chairperson of the quality assurance committee. Originally funded with federal grants, QM has since become an independent organization that supplies review materials, workshops, and review teams for member schools. If you want a ‘quality’ eLearning course, every team member-be it project manager, instructional designer, courseware developer or the technology team- should be champions of quality.
If they are not happy with the eLearning product you created, they can erode the reputation of the company.
This is a great opportunity to connect with other software testing and quality assurance professionals. Members from planning and development department, students' affairs and community service departments are also included in the committee. The members of the committee are selected by the Managing Director based on their experience in the area of quality assurance. The coordinators will get training on proper implementation quality policy and procedures such that they can assist the faculties in their respective departments in various tasks. The process comprises formulation of goals and activities for the quality assurance efforts for all courses of study, evaluation of chosen measures, analysis of goal achievement and preparation of the annual report, including proposals for follow-up. The process shall comprise feedback to subordinate levels on whether the planned follow-up is deemed to be satisfactory, on possible further follow-up and joint undertakings. The evaluation questionnaire contains questions on the content of the course, the way it is positioned in the program as a whole, and the accomplishments of the teacher concerned.

A standard questionnaire could be drawn up at college level, but departments are free to add further questions.
Individual teachers receive the results of their course evaluation confidentially, along with a comparison of their results in relation to the average results obtained by other teachers in the department.
It is recommended that the department Chairperson takes the opportunity to meet teachers individually to discuss their results and their activity more generally. A meeting is planned once every six months between department Chairperson and the academic management in order to discuss the evaluation findings and steps to be taken to remedy perceived problems. These reports will focus on measures and actions to improve and further develop the quality of education and show how the work of developing the quality of education has consequences for priorities and resource management. The Committee has the task of periodically auditing policies and procedures for periodic program evaluations at each JUC department.
The Committee visits departments offering the program, examines documents describing their policies and, above all, in the case of certain randomly selected programs, examines records of evaluations carried out in accordance with approved policies, and how recommendations made subsequent to these evaluations have been followed up. A guide to good practice in evaluation might be produced and departments can use this guide to evaluate the programs it offer. Reports must be made public across the college.External program advisorFor each academic program, the department offering the program should choose an external advisor from any university inside or outside the Kingdom. The external advisor will examine the annual program reports and give feedback on the adequacy of academic standards, program structure, suitability of learning resources, and student progression and achievements. The report of the external program advisor will be an important factor in the periodic program evaluation.

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quality assurance courses newcastle

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