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Now that we have our pom configured with Checkstyle, we can configure Jenkins to run Code Quality stage after the first stage (explained in my previous post).
In this case we are going to use Trigger Parameterized Build plugin to execute code quality job from commit stage. Because code of current build version has been pushed into a release branch (see my previous post) during commit stage, we need to set branch name as parameter for the code quality Jenkins job, so code can be downloaded and then run the static analysis.
In build job of our first stage, we add a Post-build Action of type Trigger parameterized build on other projects. Then let's create a new build job that will be in charge of running static code analysis, we are going to name it helloworld-code-quality.
And finally to have a better visibility of the result, we can install Checkstyle Jenkins plugin and publish the report. And that's all for current stage, next stage is the responsible of executing the acceptance tests, but this would be in another post. So in summary we have learned how after code is compiled and some tests are executed (in first stage of pipeline), the Code Quality stage is run into Jenkins using Checkstyle Maven plugin. The key to success of Lloid's Register Quality Assurance is the stength of its color range, that breaks the space turning it into main protagonist.

Ideal sample to show the graphic bases that support a well done logo.It combines geometric shapes withour resting mobility or lightness, resulting to be elegant and fresh.
The logo Lloid's Register Quality Assurance Is executed in such a precise way that including it in any place will never result a problem. Lloid's Register Quality Assurance is a perfect sample of how a logo turns up to be a clear distinctive of its brand. Lloid's Register Quality Assurance is surely a promising candidate between classic logos, due to its accuracy in terms of weight and shapes.
Este logo es producto de las innovaciones tecnolA?gicas que caracterizan el siglo pasado y que tanto han influido en el arte, es hijo y representante de su tiempo. This fact implies among a lot of other things, to assign a none snapshot version to your components as fast as possible so you can refer them through all the process. This step is very important because is where we are running static code analysis for detecting possible defects (mostly possible NPE), code conventions or unnecessary object creation. Because we only want to run the static analysis in second stage of our pipeline we are going to register the Checkstyle Maven plugin into a metrics profile.
First we open the Configure menu of first build job of pipeline and we configure it so next build job of the pipeline (helloworld-code-quality) is executed only if current job is stable.

First of all check the option "This build is parameterized", and add a String parameter and set the name RELEASE_BRANCH_NAME.
After plugin is installed, we can add a new Post-build Actions with name "Publish Checkstyle analysis result". However, we must not forget that these tools do not validate that the design or our architecture is adequate.
In this case we are going to see how to use Checkstyle, but of course it is very similar in any other tool. Just help us study the last part of our process, the coding.---------------------------Muchas gracias por tu post, muy interesante. No obstante, no debemos olvidar que este tipo de herramientas no validan que nuestro diseno o nuestra arquitectura sea adecuada tecnica y economicamente. Console output says following, which mean plugin is working, however all the reports are coming empty [INFO] There are 13 checkstyle errors.

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quality assurance free ebook

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