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We are using our QA and Software Testing Services to guarantee product quality for our customers.
Quality control in the Middle Ages was undertaken by guilds, which assumed responsibility on behalf of their members, by imposing and upholding specific criteria for guild participation. Quality control was also of great interest to the monarchical governments, who were functioning as purchasing customers.
Before the onset of the Industrial Revolution that divided labor and mechanization extensively, workers were able to control the quality of their own production.
During World War I, the process of manufacturing achieved a higher level of complication, in the sense that supervised worker groups became larger. SQC is based on the notion that it’s impossible to check every single manufactured piece and categorize it into acceptable and non-acceptable batches. After the end of World War II, many countries that saw their production infrastructure being annihilated during the war, began rebuilding it. In the United States, despite the efforts of many to introduce advanced quality control techniques to the country’s industry, traditional Quality Control via sampling and inspection continued to be the mainstay of removing defective products from assembly line, thereby overlooking all developments in the field for many years.
The foundation of Sigma's manufacturing process is a robust Quality Management System, which drives compliance to ISO 9001:2008 certification.
All of our oligos and probes undergo strict quality control measures, which are outlined in the following diagram. Customers are welcome to audit any of our global manufacturing facilities for a first-hand view of our quality practices.

Sigma strives to continually improve the effectiveness of our quality management system through the use of corrective and preventive actions. Sigma maintains a database-driven system that aids in managing inputs from both internal and external customers. When changes and improvements to processes are needed, our change control process assists in identifying possible risks as an outcome of the proposed change. Controlled documents are linked to our training database which ensures staff has been trained when processes and documents are altered. A key advantage of Sigma over the competition is that we have 11 manufacturing sites around the globe.
Click here to view Sigma's ISO 9001 certification and other worldwide quality registrations.
To this end, William Wrotham was appointed by King John of England to oversee ship repair and constructions.
The Industrial Revolution resulted in the adoption of a system where a supervisor was designated to oversee the production quality stemming from the work of specialized workers, who functioned in large groups.
It was at this time that piece work and mass production flourished, bringing several side effects along; although workers were able to make more money, since productivity rose, the overall quality dropped due to poor workmanship being incorporated in the lines of assembly.
The onset of World War II created additional needs in the field of quality control, due to the extent that mass production reached, thereby leading to the development of a better quality control tool, namely the Statistical Quality Control, or SQC. It provides the base for an extended inspection phase and a more efficient inspection carrier, via the use of statistical tools like control charts and sampling, even in cases where it’s impossible to employ complete inspection.

When threatened by natural disasters or other events, production can be quickly shifted to other facilities, thereby ensuring an uninterrupted supply of product. It took several hundred years for more overseers of this kind to be designated by the Secretary to the British Admiralty, Samuel Pepys.
To deal with this, full-time supervisors were employed with the purpose of identifying, quarantining, and, if possible, reversing product quality misfires. Appropriate statistical methods enable the manufacturer to inspect the overall quality of the production line or the batch by sampling and testing a predetermined percentage of the total production, in order to achieve the desired level of confidence.
It was during this time that MacArthur assigned key positions to two important individuals that helped shape quality control in the modern age: Joseph Juran and W.
This form of quality control during the 1920s and 1930s ultimately allowed quality inspection functions to grow and organize independently from production; the growth also led to the employment of superintendents. Their main contribution was the promotion of the concepts of collaboration towards quality to the technical and business groups of Japan, who, in turn, employed them to redevelop the country’s economy.

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quality control and quality assurance courses in india

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