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A stylish building of triplex apartments conveniently situated in Central Mid-Levels, a short walk from the Zoological and Botanical Gardens.
Apartments in this area range from tiny studio units, 1-2 bedrooms serviced apartments, family homes, furnished or unfurnished – up to 5 bedrooms, 4,500 sf penthouses with private roof gardens and swimming pools. The general area of Mid-Levels Central includes: Albany, Bowen, Borrett, Conduit, beginning of Robinson, Macdonnell, Magazine Gap, May, Hornsey, Old Peak and Kennedy Roads together with Clovelly, Brewin and Tregunter Path. Meet this week's Star of Queens: Isa Abdur-Rahman, president and executive director of the Farmers Boulevard Community Development Corporation. COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: As president and executive director of the Farmers Boulevard Community Development Corporation, Isa Abdur-Rahman works to improve the boulevard’s image in the borough.
BACKGROUND: In addition to his work with the Farmers Boulevard Community Development Corporation, Abdur-Rahman is a self-employed attorney specializing in real estate law based in Jamaica, where he and his family live.
INSPIRATION: Abdur-Rahman was introduced to the organization four years ago, when he met a family running a youth program in the area.

FAVORITE MEMORY: Every year, Abdur-Rahman says he looks forward to the annual health and wellness fair co-organized by the Farmers Boulevard Community Development Corporation.
The apartment has a spacious, split level living-dining room with a dramatic high ceiling and full length windows overlooking a fantastic harbour view.
All the apartments have large living rooms with 14'6" ceiling height and floor to ceiling windows. There is something for everyone at Mid-Levels Central, and if you want to be in the heart of Hong Kong, then this is the location for you. This unit has a spacious living and dining area overlooking harbour views and lots of storage space throughout. After seeing the effect it had on the community, he started to think about ways his expertise in real estate law could help other people. The majority of the 174 apartments were originally 3 bedrooms but now most of them are gradually being converted to 4 to cater to demand from families.

The smaller 1,2& 3 bedroom apartments are located around the sky garden which is on the 23rd floor. Abdur-Rahman has held his current position from the start and calls on his experience as a real estate lawyer to focus on revitalizing underutilized store fronts. There are a few special apartments on the top floors which are larger and have private terraces.

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queens executive training

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