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Questioning the Story:What invention did the real Joy Mangano create?Though it's never mentioned by name in the movie (it is quickly shown on a TV screen graphic during the mop's initial unsuccessful QVC appearance), the real Joy Mangano invented the self-wringing Miracle Mop, which was her first success. Joy Mangano Infomercial & "Joy" Movie TrailersFurther explore the Joy true story by watching a 1996 Miracle Mop infomercial featuring inventor Joy Mangano.
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This as seen on tv store has a variety of infomercial products at some of the lowest prices possible to choose from. A mom and a woman way back then, to sit at a coffee table and say, 'Yeah, Ia€™m an inventor?' It was like, 'Okay. The Joy true story reveals that she possesses more than 100 patents and trademarks for her inventions, which also include the velvet-covered Huggable Hangers (designed to prevent clothes from slipping onto the floor) and My Little Steamer (a handheld device for smoothing out wrinkles).
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She is the founder and president of Ingenious Designs, LLC, and as of 2010, her inventions were bringing in roughly $150 million in annual sales via HSN. The storage rack makes it easy and convenient to store and access each plate whenever you need it.
Actress Jennifer Lawrence, who portrays Mangano in the movie, told The Late Show host Stephen Colbert that she didn't want the "burden" of having to portray a real person. She made her first appearance in 1992 and sold a whopping 18,000 units in less than 30 minutes.
During that time, she added more inventions to the lineup, including Forever Fragrant air freshener products, Huggable Hangers, and Performance Platforms shoes. Is Joy's mom in the movie based on the real Joy Mangano's mother?No, at least not directly.
Virginia Madsen's offbeat character, Terry, was not inspired by the mother of the real Joy Mangano.

She is instead a composite of several people in Mangano's life.Is Diane Ladd's character, Mimi, based on the real Joy's grandmother?Not directly, but Mimi is said to capture her spirit. While working at an animal hospital as a teenager, Joy designed a reflective collar so that cars could see the animals at night. Despite the movie being set on Long Island, it was actually filmed in Boston, Massachusetts and other nearby Massachusetts towns (Wilmington, North Reading, Winchester, Haverhill). The real Joy Mangano's father owned an auto body shop in the Deer Park community in Babylon, New York. The real Joy Mangano began inventing at an early age, and like in the movie, she eventually used a small area of her father's shop to give birth to the Miracle Mop. The real Mangano graduated with a degree in business administration from Pace University in 1978.
After college, however, she did work in the reservations department of an airline, and prior to that, she worked as a waitress. Bradley Cooper's character, QVC executive Neil Walker, is likely an amalgamation of QVC founder Joseph Segel and various other executives at the company. Following her divorce from Tony Miranne in 1989, Joy Mangano lived with her three children in a two-bedroom ranch house in Smithtown, Long Island. As she struggled to make ends meet, she worked as a waitress and an airline-reservations manager.
In the Joy movie, her best friend is Jackie (the name of Mangano's youngest daughter, who is not represented in the movie). In real life, her best friend's name is Ronnie, and she did call in to QVC during Mangano's first live appearance. As shown in the Joy movie, Mangano did sell over 18,000 mops during her first hour-long appearance on QVC, proving that she could connect with an audience. She says that "he was a great salesman" and that his position helps him to stay in close touch with their children, two of whom have active roles in the company. Like at the end of the movie, Joy Mangano left QVC for HSN (formerly the Home Shopping Network) when HSN bought her company, Ingenious Designs LLC, in 1999.
As implied in the movie, Joy has achieved monumental success at HSN, with hourly sales regularly exceeding $1 million.

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