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Trellis software delivers real-time data center infrastructure optimization and works with the Avocent Universal Management Gateway.
FacilitiesNet subscriptions include free email newsletters from our facility-industry brands. Schneider Electrica€™s proven methodology for energy management makes it possible to save up to 30% on energy costs.

As your trusted energy partner, we can squeeze the most out of your energy budget, and help you put it back into building your business. ABLE-BEMS(Building Energy Management Solution) automatically calculates how much energy a building uses, sets the optimal environment variables, and analyzes the history of facility operation to come up with the best facility operation plan and save energy.
Software can model data center equipment, report the health of the infrastructure, assist in moves and decommissions of equipment, and calculate total data center energy consumption, electrical costs and power usage effectiveness.

Our solutions reduce carbon emissions and consumption of electricity, water, air, gas and steam, while improving business performance and employee productivity.

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realtime management of power systems with v2g facility for smartgrid applications

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