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Also included is Lechuza’s specially-formulated plant substrate, Lechuza-PON, which separates your potting soil from the water reservoir, aerates the roots, provides your plants with nutrition and helps regulate the supply of water to your plants along with a wick system. Here at SLOAN!, we think the Mini-Deltini not only makes the perfect stocking filler gift for Christmas but also is a wonderful little present at any time of the year. Please ensure the photo description is the same as the title you put on the press release form. Description:Feel free to add another image using the same uploader above, but please note we only accept 2 photos per press release, each photo not to exceed 64 MB. This month, we have chosen our ten top drinks from the selection we have received in the SLOAN! We’re nearing the end of the ’30 days to a life you love challenge’ and it’s time to tackle and kick jealousy ass once and for all because you know what jealousy is? So today I want to focus on some top tips to overcome jealousy so you can live a happier life, let’s get cracking. We’ve talked about this in day 13 so I won’t waffle on but now would be a great time to revisit the post on why you should stop comparing yourself to others and how to stop. I have been bitten by the jealous bug so many times – in relationships, with friends and career wise.

This versatile table top planter is perfect for petite blooming plants such as orchids and dwarf roses. Recommended for indoors use, the Mini-Deltini is outfitted with a special liner that can be lifted completely out of the planters so you can easily transport it to wash any dust off your plants or trim the roots. We love the self-watering system which guarantees that your plants will never be over watered again so is ideal for delicate houseplants like orchids.
Next time you feel jealous take a moment to think it through and to observe your jealous feeling.
Similar to other Lechuza planters, the Mini-Deltini comes equipped with a signature water reservoir that supplies water to your plants as needed. Jealousy is horrible; it makes you feel crappy, insecure and makes you doubt yourself as well as making you focus on what you haven’t got instead of what you have.
You have access to health care, an education, to vote, to choose the path you want in life and the freedom to look up information or you wouldn’t be on this blog right now. Users can easily monitor their water reservoir levels with the planter’s water-level indicator, which shows when the reservoir needs to be refilled, taking the guesswork out of plant care and extending time between watering. For example you may feel really jealous that your best friend has got a super hot and awesome boyfriend who treats her amazing.

Do you know how many people in the world today don’t have that luxury – because that’s what it is. Using the 3 tips above will help you come to terms with an jealous feelings you have and to accept them for what they are – emotions not reality. I’ve been there, done that and definitely got the t-shirt though it’s not one I’m proud of wearing. Accept that you’re feeling a bit jealous but the reality is that you are happy for her and you want her to be in a happy loving relationship. You want that to and sure you’re a bit jealous that, right now, it’s not happening for you but that doesn’t mean you’re not still happy for your friend. Sometimes we kinda need to get over ourselves and look at what we have, which when we put it in perspective, is beyond what we need. It’s something to think about when you’re feeling jealous that you haven’t got the latest apple gadget, or you’re jealous that your friend is off on a luxury holiday.

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