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There's an exclusive lifestyle in America where your body, your game and good looks, all get you paid.
Womanizer, Antoine Moore believed that women were only good for one thing…lying on their backs.
However, the professional bachelor’s wild exotic journeys are brought to a halt, when one of his former flings, leaves their daughter, Angel on his door step. New tensions surface when she enters a new brothel where every conniving tenant is for herself.
Caught up in the drama with his new love Karina, Trae doesn t see his life unfolding in front of him. Meet Jewell, a five foot nine diva, who was born with a silver spoon in her mouth and an American Express card in her hand. Conflict heats up when Chantel figures out she has to become just as ruthless and treacherous as her co-workers. Unknowingly, he gives Carmen information about his operation that could send him away for years.
Sadly, when her bank account turns cold, Jewell resorts to a dangerous, ridiculous scam only to maintain her rich girl status. Determined to end up on top, she uses her luscious body, and undeniable street skills to rake in the cash, and turn her life around. Once Carmen stumbles across a mysterious secret the FBI withheld connecting her to Trae, she finds herself in an uncompromising position that may turn the entire case cold.
By hook or crook, she sells her soul to the highest bidder only to keep what little paper she has. Vegas hadn't seen a devilish by any means necessary chick until she showed up in town ready to show off her manipulative skills. Taking the city by storm, she spends her time hustling dope dealers, high-rollers, and any man with a thick wallet. The girls get desperate when chaos strikes and come up with a corrupt scheme to certify them as rich girls for life.

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respect for life bookstore brooklyn

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