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Sky Horizon® Restaurant Management is a comprehensive restaurant management system that is capable of catering the needs of a whole range of restaurants through its modular design. At the heart of the system stands the Point of Sale Management System with its scalable design aiming to serve the smallest restaurants as well as the largest multi-outlet dine-in restaurants. On top of the Point of Sale Management System, we offer a range of modules allowing a vertical growth, thus meeting the needs and expectations of even the most complex environments. Horizon Restaurant Management System is very user-friendly, powerful and easier than any other system I have used.
It helped us to increase our service performance for our customers with its excellent specifications and its statistical reports. If you are already a proud restaurant owner running your restaurant business, congratulations! Some of you might be overwhelmed with the daily tasks while some are struggling to sort out the mess. Nevertheless, running a restaurant business should not be so laborious and stressful, if you can identify the proper restaurant management process, you can put a system in place with proper procedures to reduce waste and time. One tool that deserves more attention than others is the restaurant menu templates as a well-designed menu will stimulate customers’ taste buds and entice them to order more which in turn will help to generate more profits for your restaurant. These training video tutorials will give you a good overview of what is expected to run a restaurant efficiently and effectively. The tools come in 3 packages – Classic, Gold & Platinum, you can pick one that is most suitable for you. Like any corporate organization, a restaurant also needs a specific hierarchy of positions in order to cater to all the emerging needs of the business. The restaurant management hierarchy may differ depending upon the style and size of the restaurant. The owners own the restaurant and they perform various important duties so as to sustain the business in the top notch condition. Like any other organization, the corporate executives like the chief executive officers, the chief financial officers and the chief operations officer play a leading role in the operation of the restaurant business. Chief Executive Officer: The chief executive officer reports to the shareholders or the investors of the restaurant and develops various strategies for operational improvement.
Chief Financial Officer: The chief financial officer oversees the various essential accounting jobs and reports to the chief executive officer (CEO). Chief Operations Officer: The COO is responsible for developing the brand and for creating various strategic plans to enhance the quality of the products.
The regional managers of the restaurant manage all the operations of the restaurant chains of a particular geographical area. The franchise owners are the individual owners of the restaurants at the different locations.

They assist the executive chefs and the managers in the tasks relating to customer relations.
Shift leaders hold the last position in the restaurant management hierarchy and they perform functions like serving the courses, taking orders, handling the bar etc. Find out why restaurant management software is critical to a restaurant's success; WhenToManage Restaurant Software provides solutions like Labor Scheduling, Inventory Management and POS Reporting. Here’s how I look at restaurant management; I propose a top down approach of interlocking systems and then a lot (and I do mean A LOT) of follow up.
5)      Empower those around with a clear goal and any critical constraints to achieving that goal. So, that all sounds great but doesn’t actually tell you how to manage a restaurant in a practical way. There are a few non-negotiable for restaurant patrons- they want a lipstick free glass, they want hot food hot and cold food cold. One anecdote to this singular power-house model of management is a comprehensive organization chart for the restaurant.
However, like most restaurant owners, you will soon find that running a restaurant business is not as easy as you think.
There are others who never expected running a restaurant business could be so over powdering. Eventually, you will feel more in control and help you find satisfaction in running a restaurant business.
It is a collection of training video, templates, forms, spreadsheet & software that provide step-to-step guide on how you can run your restaurant business effectively. Each function has its own challenges and pitfalls but you will be provided with a set of tools to guide you along.
The tools have 30 over well-designed restaurant menu templates for you to select immediately. The restaurant business belongs to the food and beverage industry and many restaurants also have their business chains like the corporate sectors.
Let’s talk about the hierarchy that is prevalent and what is the job role associated with the different levels of professionals. The owners review all the work procedures on a continuous basis and they are always in search of new ways to enhance their services and offerings. The professional prepares the monthly and yearly financial statements and makes recommendations to the management in accordance with the updated financial reports. The professional ensures that all the services and products meet the codes and standards of the restaurant. The manager keeps track of the daily sales, makes the everyday schedule and handles the employee relations.

They undertake all the major activities of the kitchen from thoroughly checking the meals to directing the assistant chefs. Please download the latest version of the Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or Windows Internet Explorer browser. There are so many little details and components to learn making it an engaging task to learn.
Before we get into the nuts and bolts of restaurant management; possibly the single most important lesson I’ve learned about management in 20+ years in the industry and an MBA is… wait, for it… What gets measured is what gets done. And although it has been said before I’ll say it again; surround yourself with the smartest and most motivated people you can. The trick or key to effective restaurant management is pay attention to the details over and over and over again.  People come to a restaurant to enjoy food. So it is in checking on those details and adjusting prior to a complaint is how one manages a restaurant.
Things can bottle-neck around this one personality and roles and responsibilities can be unclear. It is not about coming out with a creative menu, serving good food and attracting customers to your restaurant; in fact, there are thousands over tasks you need to manage everyday. All the owners of the different geographical region should adhere with the code of conduct of the restaurant.
They act as a bridge between the employees and the higher management and communicate with the management regarding various issues. However; the actual art or science of how to manage a restaurant requires far than we are taught in hospitality management school. Our job is to set up the situation so that people can enjoy great food at a reasonable price in a pleasing atmosphere. And I think that is the true trick to effectively managing a restaurant- making the mundane important consistently.
I have been and seen many restaurant managers and owners work like the dickens for long days and days on end with no reprieve all in the name of “I just have to put out this next fire and then I’ll get organized and it will become manageable. It can be a very frustrating life.  If we spend all of our time doing we are spending none of our time assessing the impact of our efforts.

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