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Be sure to include not only your duties and responsibilities for each position, but also your accomplishments. Retail business management software has been growing rapidly in last few years, although major big retailer needs more functionality than standard package. Retail software should also provide online and realtime information to lower the stock level and increase the sales by better stock flow control – refill fast selling items automatically.
This sort of retail business software has been specifically designed to make the numbers game much easier for business owners and accountants to play. Especially integrated into the program itself are crucial business criteria that are taken into consideration by the retail industry. ETP Group offers retail business management software to the leading retailers that you bill, exchange, order, tender, and search for inventory across store and warehouses. In the last few years, we’ve recognized that a startup is not a smaller version of a large company.
There’s been lots written about how companies need to be more innovative, but very little on what stops them from doing so. Companies looking to be innovative face a conundrum: Every policy and procedure that makes them efficient execution machines stifles innovation. This first post will describe some of the structural problems companies have; follow-on posts will offer some solutions.
Facing continuous disruption from globalization, China, the Internet, the diminished power of brands, changing workforce, etc., existing enterprises are establishing corporate innovation groups. But paradoxically, in spite of all their seemingly endless resources, innovation inside of an existing company is much harder than inside a startup. We know that a startup is a temporary organization designed to search for a repeatable and scalable business model. A company is a permanent organization designed to execute a repeatable and scalable business model.
Once you understand that existing companies are designed to execute then you can see why they have a hard time with continuous and disruptive innovation. Every large company, whether it can articulate it or not, is executing a proven business model(s).
It’s worth looking at the tools companies have to support successful execution and explain why these same execution policies and processes have become impediments and are antithetical to continuous innovation. In the 20th century, business schools and consulting firms developed an amazing management stack to assist companies to execute. For example, the Boston Consulting Group 2×2 growth-share matrix was an easy to understand strategy tool – a market selection matrix for companies looking for growth opportunities. Strategy maps are a visualization tool to translate strategy into specific actions and objectives and to measure the progress of how the strategy gets implemented.

Product management tools like Stage-Gate emerged to systematically manage Waterfall product development. Once the business model is known, the company organizes around that goal and measures efforts to reach the goal and seeks the most efficient ways to reach the goal. This systematic process of execution needs to be repeatable and scalable throughout a large organization by employees with a range of skills and competencies. Paradoxically, these very KPIs and processes, which make companies efficient, are the root cause of corporations’ inability to be agile, responsive innovators.
The goals for public companies are driven primarily by financial key performance indicators (KPI’s). Historically, human resources was responsible for recruiting, retaining, and removing employees to execute known business functions with known job specifications. One of the least obvious but most important HR process (and ultimately the most contentious) issue in corporate innovation is the difference in incentives.
The conundrum is that every policy and procedure that makes a company and efficient execution machine stifles innovation. While companies intellectually understand innovation, they don’t really know how to build innovation into their culture or how to measure its progress. It may be that the current attempts to build corporate innovation are starting at the wrong end of the problem. Corporations that want to build continuous innovation realize that innovation happens not by exception but as integral to all parts of the corporation. To do so they will realize that a company needs innovation KPI’s, policies, processes, and incentives.
KPI’s and processes are the root cause of corporations’ inability to be agile and responsive innovators. Intellectually, companies understand innovation; they lack the tools to put it into practice.
The fact is retail environment needs highly customizable system – A source code based Retail Business Management Software! This can not be possible with standard software to implement, because every retailer controls their stock distinctly, and to adjust to the software they lose competitive benefit.
For retail businesses, it’s important to keep track of the shop’s stock and how many products are being sold. ETP’s retail business management software integrates demand and supply effectively to enhance bottom line. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. These groups are adapting or adopting the practices of startups and accelerators: disruption and innovation rather than direct competition, customer development versus more product features, agility and speed versus lowest cost.
For most companies it feels like innovation can only happen by exception and heroic efforts, not by design. These tools brought clarity to corporate strategy and product line extension strategies, and they made product management a repeatable process.

Staff functions in finance, human resources, legal departments, and business units developed Key Performance Indicators, processes, procedures, and goals to measure, control, and execute.
While it’s fashionable to build corporate incubators, there’s little evidence that they deliver more than “innovation theater.” This is because internal culture applies execution measures and performance indicators to the output of these incubators and allocates resources to them same way as to executing parts of company. Every business in retail environment shares some similar components: Point of sales with cash collection and daily sales analysis, inventory to track available stock on every store, accounting system to maintain financial reporting and cash flows. The best method will be restructuring present business operation, redesign or customize the software to their requirements and strengthen the company competitive advantages through the software process automation.
By examining these factors, businesses are able to decide which products are the most profitable and which ones are demanding them resources. It represents where employees fit in an execution hierarchy; showing command and control hierarchies – who’s responsible, what they are responsible for, and who they manage below them and report to above them. With retail business management software, processing these vital figures becomes fairly simple. When it comes to competitive advantages in IT, automation and information available are two of the main components.
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retail management courses unisa

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