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The DMSRetailer™ includes sections that correspond to actual activities that take place in a retail store and other sections that allow you to get organized and perform at the top of your game. Through our comprehensive yet easy-to-use training module, you can learn to create successful service, branding, and marketing strategies.
Retail management can be a career that offers great variability and flexibility; it all depends on where you picture yourself. Recruiting, Hiring, Training - Where it all starts and where to go from there Setting the Example – Learn how you are being perceived by your teams and what you can do to become the best example for them Coaching – When and how to do it for maximum benefit. It’s All in the Execution – Learn how to avoid the pitfalls that lead to poor execution of company directives and standards.

This workshop is suited to Area, District and Regional Managers, Store Managers who are being prepared for promotion and Retail Business Owners. Retailing involves understanding consumer behavior in a way that drives them to purchase your product. You will look at areas such as specialty retailing, retail channels, strategic planning, retail site selection, merchandising, and pricing.
Maybe you see yourself in a specialty shop that sells kitchen knives, a mall clothing store outlet, or a conglomerate department store. Apart from hiring (or better yet, promoting from within) great managers, organization has to make sure that they are well equipped with the right tools and training.

Group discount applies to 3 or more participants from the same company registering at the same time.

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retail management training material

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