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Kim Myung Min merupakan seorang aktor Korea Selatan yang lahir di Seoul pada tanggal 8 Oktober 1972.
Lee Yeon Hee aktris cantik Korea Selatan yang lahir di Gyeonggi-do, Korea Selatan pada tanggal 9 Januari 1988. Film Korea Terbaru “Detective K: Secret of The Lost Island” (2015) bercerita tentang seorang Detektif top Joseon Kim Min (Kim Myung Min). Mampu Bersaing di Bioskop Kelas A, Film Indonesia AADC 2 dan My Stupid Boss Berhasil Geser Eksistensi Film Hollywood ! Twenty-five years later, back in Buenos Aires, Benjamin is writing a novel based on the case.
With The White Ribbon and A Prophet runaway favourites for this year’s best foreign-language Oscar, there was a palpable sense of surprise when Argentine outsider Juan Jose Campanella’s The Secret in Their Eyes pipped both to the post. Darin’s central performance is a consummate lesson in minimalist acting, deftly bypassing the tropes of the cliched romantic lead and the crusading good guy. Soledad Villamil is very watchable too as Benjamin’s superior officer Irene, the prim, upper-middle-class lawyer who falls for her deputy. Benjamin’s physical fight with the unctuous Romano points to the two Argentinas that were to come into brutal conflict during the Dirty War.
The film’s huge success in Argentina testifies to a resonance that goes beyond its observable generic appeal. A somewhat different take on this phenomenon of familial non-disclosure can be found in "Un Secret," French filmmaker Claude ("Alias Betty") Miller's elegiac memory film set between WWII and 1985. Our visual perspective is also disrupted by Miller's color scheme — the present (1985) is black-and-white while the past (both the '30s and '40s of the war and the '50s and '60s of the peace) is shown in saturated color flashbacks.
Young Valentin Vigourt, who strongly resembles the equally young Lukas Haas of "Witness," is exceptional as the youngest Francois.
These two excellent actors are not well known here as yet, but after "Un Secret" they should be. One aspect of that secret deals with Maxime's refusal to identify as a Jew in an anti-semitic country to the point of seeming anti-semitic himself. With all its time and color shifts, the film also plays like a mystery as Francois unravels the secret of his past. Occasionally a play comes along and everyone says, ‘thrilling, epic, majestic, towering bigger than Ben-Hur’. That gets them a Guernsey in the marketing machine, puts them on the marquee, and puts them on side with the promotional world. Sometimes – more often than not – on opening night audiences stand up at the end of the show and cheer along ‘Bravo Bravo’ and that suggests an instant hit.
Much of the time that’s a pointer to nowhere, but this time around both those things happened and they were entirely appropriate. Kate Grenville’s The Secret River is indeed a masterpiece – albeit a modern one – and while I felt ho-hum about the TV miniseries version of the book, I believe the stage version as good as the original if not better. It is certainly the best and finest QTC production in recent times and will undoubtedly go down as one of the most memorable productions the company has ever produced. Of course it has the credentials, Neil Armfield directs, and Stephen Page has a supporting directing role, among others, but overall it is a genuine altogether creative achievement.
For those who never read Grenville’s original book, or saw the TV mini-series, The Secret River tells the simple almost obvious – but often overlooked – story of white settlement coming to New South Wales.

Convict William Thornhill (Nathaniel Dean) and his free wife, Sal (Georgia Admanson), come to NSW at the beginning at the 19th century. He gets a ticket of pardon and looks to land along the Hawkesbury as a salvation, but she hankers for London despite its coldness toward the workers and poor.
That’s just part of the division as the land is also home to the indigenous people who, under white settlement, where not only robbed of their land, but had no say in their rights. The ensemble performers – features nearly two dozen actors, including whites, indigenous performers and children – make up a magnificent ensemble cast. However, writer Bovell and director Armfield make it all work as a play rather than a book or a TV show. The Secret River (the play) doesn’t only show us a great piece of work but demonstrates why the immediacy of the theatre is so human and so important. In film and TV – great mediums – we are always one step away from our connection with other humans, but the stage brings it into full focus. The last 20 minutes of The Secret River – when the high drama of the piece has unfolded – is a stake revelation of the disconnect between the relationship of the white settler and the indigenous people of Australia. If you genuinely want to understand the whole of our culture – the whole of our relationship with the people and Australia – see the Secret River. Film Korea bertajuk “Detective K: Secret of The Lost Island”ini dibintangi oleh aktor dan aktris Korea Selatan seperti Kim Myung Min, Lee Yeon Hee, dan Oh Dal Su.
Dalam film Korea “Detective K: Secret of The Lost Island” ini dia berperan sebagai seorang Detektif bernama Kim Min. Detektif Kim Min sedang mencoba melacak mereka yang bertanggung jawab untuk sirkulasi sejumlah besar bullion perak palsu di pulau Joseon. Tonton Film Korea Terbaru “Detective K: Secret of The Lost Island” (2015) yang dirilis perdana sejak Februari 2015. Benjamin Esposito and Pablo Sandoval, legal investigators at one of the city’s criminal courts, are joined by a new boss, Cornell-trained lawyer Irene Menendez Hastings. It appears, on the surface, to be a conservative choice: a romance-cum-thriller that delivers star-crossed lovers, a gruesome murder, parallel love stories and entertaining narrative twists across two time periods. Campanella has compared his favoured actor to both Tom Hanks and Henry Fonda, and the latter’s upright Juror 8 in 12 Angry Men (1957) is certainly a reference point in Darin’s depiction of working-class outsider Benjamin, obsessed by the unsolved murder of a newly married schoolteacher and trapped within the labyrinthine workings of the Argentine judicial system. Plotwise, Campanella is careful not to give too much away too easily, and genuinely keeps the viewer guessing to the very end. A Bolivian immigrant is one of two innocent men framed for the schoolteacher’s murder by a legal officer keen to close the case without ruffling any feathers.
Romano views justice as “nothing but an island” and opts for abrasive methods of policing to deal with “the real world”. Memories are shown to be evasive, slippery and subject to continuous rewriting – Benjamin repackages the past in the form of a novel but his narrative is not as Irene remembers it. Its romantic closure becomes synonymous with the process of healing and redemption undertaken by a nation coming to terms with the ghosts in its closet.
Miller's non-linear film adaptation recounts the first person story of one Francois Grimbert, as his memories fling us back and forth in time.
A sickly, inhibited lonely child with a vivid imagination, he imagines he has a brother and is definitely not the apple of his father's eye. Cecile De France easily graces her character with a natural cool elegance; little wonder that young Francois romanticizes them and their relationship.

The Nazis and the extermination of French Jews are pivotal plot points yet the film is as much a family saga as a holocaust movie.
Film Korea yang berjudul “Detective K: Secret of The Lost Island” ini mengusung genre Komedi dipadukan dengan unsur sejarah dan prualangan.
Myung Min sendirir mulai dikenal setelah membintangi serial TV yang berjudul “Immortal Admiral Yi Sung Shin” pada tahun 2004. Yeon Hee mulai dikenal sejak membintangi serial drama Korea bertajuk “Sea Good” pada tahun 2004. Tak hanya sekedar melacak hal tersebut namun Detektif Kim Min juga mencoba untuk mencari saudara yang hilang dari seorang gadis muda.
Scratch a little deeper, however, and the structural conceit of an unsolved murder investigated by legal clerk Benjamin Esposito (Campanella regular Ricardo Darin) in 1970s Buenos Aires proves the hinge for a probing examination of historical memory, vigilante justice and modes of reimagining the traumas of the past in a country scarred by the legacy of a brutal military dictatorship.
Even when melodrama threatens to overtake the plot – as with the caricatured smugness of Benjamin’s nemesis, fellow investigator Romano – Darin ensures that his own performance remains commendably understated. Large set pieces – such as a thrilling chase through Buenos Aires’ Tomas Duco football stadium – are juxtaposed with more intimate confessional exchanges where eyes are often the focus of the pictorial gaze. Platitudes, flattery, judicial inertia and delays are shown to be the name of the game as Argentina tumbles towards the social unrest that will end in General Videla’s military coup in 1976. Benjamin confronts him and is consequently dispatched for his own safety to the north-west outpost of Jujuy; 30,000 were not so lucky, ‘disappearing’ in a culture of fear and coercion overseen by the Fortunas and policed by the Romanos of Argentine society. Francois provides a running narrative (the book is all narrative) about his boyhood self at ages 7 during the war and at 14 during peace-time. Rounding out the uniformly excellent cast is Julie Depardieu as Francois' honorary aunt‚ a gay photographer who knows and finally tells him the dark secret that marked his life so deeply. Film Terbaru Korea “Detective K: Secret of The Lost Island” disutradarai oleh Kim Suk Yoon.
Benjamin is preoccupied by the brutal rape and murder of young, recently married schoolteacher Liliana Coloto. Returning to Morales’ house, he finds that he has imprisoned Gomez in a makeshift jail to serve out the remainder of his life sentence. The Secret in Their Eyes expertly delineates the different cogs that clicked into place to ensure the slick running of the dictatorship’s erasure of dissent. But forgetting, as Campanella demonstrates, is not an option for the sector of Argentine society that Benjamin represents. Ludovine Sagnier is also a huge part of that secret which I choose not to divulge in this review.
He refuses to accept his colleague Romano’s conclusions (endorsed by senior judge Fortuna) that two builders carrying out work in her apartment building committed the crime, suspecting that her old friend Isidoro Gomez may be responsible. Simak Informasi dan Sinopsis Film “Detective K: Secret of The Lost Island” (2015) berikut ini.
With Sandoval’s help, Benjamin tracks Gomez down at a football match and brings him to justice. Following Sandoval’s murder, Irene secures a job for Benjamin in Jujuy, in the extreme north of the country, where Gomez and Romano can’t reach him.

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