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There are many lessons in this book if you’re looking to become more focused, motivated and successful in both business and life. There are several themes in the book that will help you to improve your goal setting and follow-through.
If youa€™ve read the book or want to share a thought about Focus please do in the comments below.
Get FREE ACCESS to our 7 day training and learn strategies to grow your business, land more clients and increase your income. Consulting Success is the leading consulting blog on the net that helps consultants become more successful in their work and lives. After reading a few business books, I remember surfing through Amazon and checking out some other readers recommended lists. I have pages marked to death with highlighter, scribbled notes, rabbit eared corners and pretty much anything else you can think of. It would be easy to dismiss this book as ruthless and amoral because of the rigid approach that Greene takes in his descriptions, but the laws are based on actual conflicts and situations that continue to happen over and over through the course of time.
While reading the The 48 Laws of Power will increase your awareness in situations and help you improve your chances of success, the ultimate goal is to understand the laws and recognize the situation without even thinking about it. I agree that its a great book to have even if you’re not into politcs this book will help you out in all kinds of situations. 48 laws of power is definitely a great book for any entrepreneur and any other publications by Robert Greene for that matter. Interesting book, I bought the audiobook and while listening to it I used a pen and a notepad to form an outline on the 48 laws I get a sense of vindictiveness from the book ?? I think it was around 9 bucks on iTunes, good bargain. The most surprising thing as I read this book, was the slow realization that Carey had penned a contemporary form of  2nd Century Gnostic heresy.
The most striking feature of Gnosticism, marking it out against the main line of Jewish and early Christian thought, is a deep and dark dualism. As we regularly bow to true Presence through walking in the present moment with the Lord at hand, we worship Him in sprit and truth. Let me be clear, Carey has presented a salvation message that is stripped of its historic meaning and replaced it with a Gnostic ideal of salvation by self-discovery. The peaceful and life-filled fruits of the tree of life, in contrast, can only truly be received when we walk in a way of trust. The main aim of any right-thinking human being, therefore, will be to escape the wicked world, and the outward human existence, altogether. The final feature is not so immediately obvious, but it plays a central role in gnostic thought, and indeed is the feature because of which the word “gnostic” and its derivatives are appropriate designations. There are various Scriptures that make it clear that the only way to become complete in Christ is to turn to and join with Him. Hi Anthony, I appreciate the questions about the book and why I connect it with Gnosticism. Faith in the West is impotent because the power of Christ, through His Spirit, to transform the world has been entrusted to preachers, politicians and pop-stars. Content creation and sharing are explained including how to set up an editorial calendar and recommended tools to use.
If you are a blogger, and you should be anyhow, you will learn how to integrate social sharing with your blog and blog posts. A brief case study on how to assemble all of the parts presented in the book rounds things out nicely.

Hashtags on the Top Social Networks: Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and coming soon…Facebook?
Stay up to date with all of Peter Trapasso’s tips for social media marketing and blog posts by subscribing via email. I find spending the afternoon on Fridays as a great time to do a weekly strategic review of the business. I believe the power of concentration is the essential ingredient in succeeding in whatever field or area we wish to make it.
If you have been running your life anyhow, then this book will put you in the right direction to achieving your goals. Packed with strategies, techniques and action steps to help you land more clients and increase your income. The blog includes hundreds of articles, case studies, videos, interviews and products for consultants by consultants. Even if you have no intentions of becoming a person of power in business or in life, the rules should still be read, so you can spot these situations and not let yourself become a victim.
By associating yourself with successful and happy people, you’re frame of mind will be much better. By planning all the way to the end, you’ll be prepared for more situations and circumstances. Even though to me its like common sense, because before I even read it I was alredy practicing it.
The present world of space, time and matter is an inexorably bad place, not only a place where wickedness flourishes unchecked but a place which, had it not been for an evil god going ahead and creating it, would not have existed at all. The way to this “salvation” is precisely through knowledge, “gnosis.” Not just any old knowledge.
57)” that has nothing in common with the historic Christian teaching found in the Bible.
Joe Miller (aka JR) is a Professor of Applied Theology and Leadership & Dean of Online Learning at Southern California Seminary.
Wright as compared to Andy in your review.  Andy’s book wants people to realize how Christ is with them presently, because it is only through being present that we can truly recognize how Christ is working through us, others, and this world.
Carey is a fine man and teacher so please understand that my critique is not about him as a person.
Talk of grace and love is good, but those words must have meaning and meaning comes only in context. Miller is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.
Backed 375 #crowdfunding #apps #startups #Fortune500 100 most followed on Twitter in San Francisco. Creating wealth and successful consulting habits that will pay you dividends in the long-term. If you can’t do that, be sure to spend as much time as you possibly can each day in the mornings or evenings with the people you love and care about. Sunday evening is a good time however to spend an hour or so reviewing the upcoming week and planning for it to be a successful one. I had the mentality of a high school hard ass who thought reading was just something dorks did. Being the slight narcissist that I am, my attention was peaked and I had the book shipped right away.

This is the point at which you have internalized all of the concepts and act naturally without even thinking of your next move. Some people have major problems with this type of thing, and they waste valuable time and energy fussing over trite ideas and situations. But I guess I’ll remain skeptical until I get a chance to look beyond the dust jacket.
Cary’s lack of references makes it impossible to measure his words against other books which could help bring clarity. There is another divine being, a pure, wise and true divinity who is quite different from this creator god.
Only so can one make one’s way to the pure, higher spiritual existence where, freed from the trammels of space, time and matter, one will be able to enjoy a bliss unavailable to those who cling to the present physical world and who mistakenly worship its creator (Wright, pp.
Certainly not through knowing the sort of thing you might be taught in school, or for that matter in an ordinary church. Even seemingly simple details like having a great headshot for your avatar are highlighted and believe me, they really count. I especially love tip #17 on the use of social media networks’ lists, groups and communities. Backed 200 #crowdfunding #apps #startups #Fortune500 100 most followed on Twitter in San Francisco. Looking back now, it makes me chuckle at how stubborn and close minded I was when it came to new business and self improvement ideas.
In my first reading, I remember going through it in about three or four days, and having a general feeling of confusion when I was done. Robert also points this out at the end of the book by saying ” By taking shape, by having a visible plan, you open yourself to attack.
What is more, human beings, consisting as they do of physical matter, and living in this wicked space and time, are themselves essentially bad—unless, as we shall see, within this shell of evil matter there lurks something very different (Wright, pp.
We posses our new name and our new true identity by partaking in the divine natue that excapes the corruption fo the world (pp.
Sometimes this ultimate high god is called “Father,” which is confusing for Christians who associate that title with the god who made the world.
Rather, this special gnosis is arrived at through attaining knowledge about the true god, about the true origin of the wicked world, and not least about one’s own true identity. The next time I sat down to read it, I made sure I had my Post it notes and highlighter on hand, so I could mark up the pages and make some notes. For Gnosticism, the god who made the world, along with various other intermediate beings who may have had a hand in the project at some stage, is at the least misguided or foolish, and at worst downright malevolent (Wright, p. Miller has a diverse educational background and authored multiple books on church history, biblical theology, and Leadership. What is needed, in other words, is a “revealer” who will come from the realms beyond, from the pure upper spiritual world, to reveal to the chosen few that they have within themselves the spark of light, the divine identity hidden deep within their shabby, gross outward material form (Wright, p.

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