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Travelocity gives you the average prices for hotels in the area so you know which hotels provide the best deals for the amenities you want. This all-in-one travel site helps you tailor your hotel search to include what's important to you. In addition, this hotel booking site lists the most important information in the hotel profile including images, star rating and hotel policies. We averaged the prices of the first ten results for three-star hotels in New York on each booking site. In the panel at the top of the hotel search, Travelocity shows the average prices for three, four and five star hotels wherever you want to stay. Most of these are common features in the best hotel booking websites, but it's harder to find a hotel search that lets you focus on the type of property you want. If you or someone you travel with needs accessibility options in their hotel room, you can filter out results to show only hotels with equipment for hearing impaired people, accessible bathrooms, paths, parking, roll-in showers and raised signage. In the room availability section, you can adjust your check in and check out dates to see how rates change by day.
The reservation process on Travelocity is widely the same for all the services you can reserve. Travelocity is packed with innovative features that can save you money or find new ways to spend it.
I began testing by searching for flights, but found that I could add hotels by clicking a link from the results page (listed below the lowest price). If you enjoyed this post, please consider leaving a comment or subscribing to the RSS feed to have future articles delivered to your feed reader. Unless the answers to your questions lie in the FAQ section, you'll have to contact Travelocity by phone. And when you find a hotel that interests you, there is plenty of information about property and the area around it.
Whether it's a business trip to New York or backpacking through Europe, you can book hotels, flights, rental cars and cruises with our Top Ten Reviews Silver Award. Travelocity has fun extras like inspiration guide for your travels, very active social media and deals on the app. The categories on the left of the search narrow the search to include only the features you want.

This means you can see only the available condos, B&Bs, apartments and private vacation homes in the area.
Hotel pictures, ratings, prices are at the first things you'll see when you click on a search result. The best part is the site gives you the power to sort through them based on your preferences. By default, flights list by lowest priced, though you can sort by departure time, arrival time, total time (duration), or air-line name.
Travelocity sits at the top of our list because you can sort through thousands of results based on what's most important to you, be it price, class, neighborhood, accessibility features or amenities. You can organize hotels by lowest or highest price, guest rating, hotel name, star rating, neighborhood and popularity and compare them with the average prices for the area. You can check multiple boxes and show results based on hotel class, price, neighborhood, accommodation type, amenities and accessibility features. From there, you can narrow your search with 17 different amenities you want in a hotel like childcare, pools or business service.
The hotel images are initially small to keep the page orderly, but they expand so you can have a closer look. At the bottom of the page, you can flip through information about the hotel or guest reviews on different tabs. The site gives you a trip summary to help you review important info like check in and out dates, price and occupancy.
Whether price, location or amenities are most important, the dozens of filters can help you find the right fit.
When it comes to concocting innovative ways to plan and book a vacation, Travelocity is the most innovative online travel reservation site I've used. In my experience, Travelocity wasn't the quickest search agent: Expedia returned results slightly faster, and Orbitz (Free, 4 stars) noticeably so.
I like that Travelocity breaks from the tabbed sorting approach used by competitors and employs a simple drop-down menu. When you begin a search, Travelocity provides the average prices for hotels in the area and because Travelocity is a full-service travel site, rates drop when you add reservations for flights, rental cars or activities.
Travelocity travel packages give you one flat rate and a list of three and four star hotels that come with the package.

If you have to change your information or cancel your plans, support may be an issue later. Questions are divided by topic, so you can easily find if Travelocity has already answered your question. A matrix similar to that of Expedia and Orbitz visualizes the best deals by carrier and number of layovers.
The overall guest average ranks hotels on a one to five scale and tells you what percentage of the hotel's former guests recommend return visits. You only need some basic information to book a room on Travelocity such as contact information and card info. If you have further questions for this hotel booking site, you'll have to limit yourself to the FAQs section or wait for a callback from a customer rep.
And there are plenty of ways to access those tools, from a cross-platform desktop app to a deal alert add-on for Internet Explorer to mobile apps for iPhone and Windows 7 Mobile. Guest reviews aren't organized by the most recent, but you can sort them by highest, lowest and most current reviews.
If you still have questions, Travelocity provides a customer service number or offers a callback so the site can reach you.
The actual price is listed in a considerably smaller font than the price before taxes and fees. With the exception of social media sharing, Travelocity gives you all the important details about its properties. Paying online is best for international hotels because you can pay with your own currency, but paying in person works best if you prefer cash. While Travelocity discloses flight and pricing details from the search results page, it does not deliver the same level of detail as Expedia, which goes so far as to provide seat maps. One thing to watch: When booking for more than one traveler, Expedia reveals prices per person.

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