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Giving thanks for the money we do have may seem fairly straightforward but how often do we actually think to give thanks for our bills?
Check out other posts on our blog and share your thoughts with other readers by leaving a comment below. While there was some compelling evidence of the power of thoughts presented in The Secret documentary, the movie did fall down in the explanation it provided for how thoughts lead to manifestation. To know what limiting beliefs you have, you just need to look at what you have created in your life and listen to the thoughts streaming through your mind.
If you wish you could be wealthy but in reality you never have a cent to spare then this is a clue that you have negative beliefs that are operating unconsciously to ensure money remains scarce for you.
Once you know the beliefs in operation in your life, you can explore what they mean and why you hold these beliefs and then work to change them. What do you need to do to use The Secret effectively to manifest the life you really desire as quickly as possible. When you XYZ, your hoozie-whatsit interacts with the external whatchamacallit, and the result is your GOOD STUFF. A paradigm of the laws of Quantum Physics tell us that everything we see and experience is created by “Mind Power.” I don’t claim to understand the science behind this at all! Not so long ago anything unexplainable was called MAGIC, and feared by most people unless it was cloaked in official religious ‘miracle’ wrappings. Since I can’t unthink a thought, and I can’t say to myself “don’t think about that”, because I WILL think about that, I have to get my brain busy doing some other activity.
Abraham says “pet your cat”, but my brain is rather persistent when I’m in my negative vibe, so it will still travel down the negative highway while I’m petting the darn cat.
Her production of the movie and the book of “the secret” has changed many people’s life and law of attraction is now been identified and applied by most. Her second book is “the power” which helps people understand the power of the feelings of achieving desired life. For those who are waiting for her next words, there is a good news that I have received trough my email by the secret team.
All you have to do is set the most powerful intention you can ever set in your life, which is that you will focus only on what you want, think only about what you want, and talk only about what you want.
This one intention, repeated daily until the New Year and reinforced through 2012, will ensure that you make 2012 the year that your dreams came true, and the greatest year of your life! To help you have an even more magical year, I’m going to let you in on a secret… I have written a very exciting new book. I think most of us have to overcome the belief that we somehow don’t deserve to have what we want.
Additionally, we will be sending out email updates, articles summaries, interviews, book reviews and you-tube and other video links about the new book The Magic (The Secret). The Magic (The Secret) by Rhonda Byrne – The Brand New 2012 Law of Attraction book Release by the author of The Secret and The Power (The Secret)!

Our adventure begins two thousand years ago, when life-changing knowledge was hidden within a sacred text.
You can Order (and Pre-Order) it here and also receive a BEST PRICE Guarranty from Amazon.  Find and Read BOOK REVIEWS on THE MAGIC (THE SECRET) by Rhonda Byrne Here on this site as well. Join the Thinking Right Group’s Inner Circle Email Club here!Get a FREE EBOOK Copy of the book Rhonda Byrne says was her original inspiration for "The Secret," "The Science Of Getting Rich" first published in 1910 when you sign up NOW! You will also be given access to the "Missing Ingredients" that 99% of Law of Attraction lovers have not discovered yet!
YWIYC – A NEW 14 CD SET where you will find the answers to your questions on Law of Attraction Missing Ingredients. 28 Days Of The Magic by Rhonda Byrne: Day 1 Guide to Secret and The Law Of Attraction Attract Health, Happiness and Money into your Life Law of Attraction and the Secret explained in easy terms.
There are plenty of ways that you can have more gratitude each and every day but can you really learn to appreciate your bills? I’m sharing the results of carrying out the exercises in the book over 28 consecutive days.
I’ll be honest, at first it felt a bit forced but I kept it up for a few days and now I really do have more gratitude for the flow of money that I am blessed to have in my life, and I do appreciate my bills.
You are about to find out. The internet is full of advice on how to tap into the power of the law of attraction. After watching Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret documentary, millions of people were left wondering if positive visualization and the power of positive thinking are alone enough to manifest destiny and desires.
Rhonda Byrne suggested that by simply thinking about a thing you can manifest its existence. Journalling and meditation are excellent techniques for bringing the unconscious to awareness. Ask yourself why money is lacking in your life when you know you would actually love to have more. What we do know is that millions of people   around the world have their own amazing stories to tell of the dramatic difference the knowledge of these basic principles of the law of attraction has made in their lives.
Simple, practical and yet so profound you know immediately that you are finally learning what it means to have everything you want and how to go about getting it. Her beautiful production , ‘the secret’ catches millions of peoples’ eyes and hearts around the world. Decide right now that anytime you find yourself thinking or talking about what you don’t want, you will stop and demand of yourself, “What is it that I want?” And with all your might, with all your strength, with all your willpower – you will focus on what you want! You will be reading the same words she read that started her on the path of curiosity, research and learning that resulted in the book and then the movie (DVD) The Secret! Well, the magic of life is real, and it’s far more breathtaking, awe-inspiring, and exciting than you ever imagined as a child. For twenty centuries, this knowledge has mystified, confused, and been misunderstood by almost all who read it .

Wattles, The Secret, the secret by Rhonda Byrne, The Secret on OPRAH, Your Wish Is My Command. The answer is no… Below you can find out what else you need to do to make this self improvement technique work for you. Two common beliefs people hold around money are: money is bad (a sign of greed), and I am not deserving of abundance (I am not whole). Also, anyone consciously trying to “create” instead of meekly accepting their reality was often called a witch and killed! The Law of Attraction doesn’t care which thoughts are vibrating, IT just creates with whatever I’m sending out. The point is that to stop negative thoughts, I need to replace them with positive thoughts. In ‘the secret’ movie and book, she made clear explanation about the law of attraction and the ways to use this awesome law to achieve everything that desired in life.
Almost immediately her life was transformed, as she began to put into practice what she had learned.
You can live your dreams, you can have anything you want, and your life can touch the stars! If you stop complaining about having to spend your hard earned money long enough to realize that each time you are able to pay for something, you are paying your own way in life and inviting more abundance, now that is something to appreciate! And in that moment her greatest wish, and mission, was to share this knowledge with the world.
Come with me on an unforgettable journey for 28 days, as we discover how truly dazzling our lives can be. And when you change them you will behave in different ways which will cause your life circumstances to change.
We want to be healthier, happier, more loving, more affluent, with a more fulfilling career. We all know that lying on the sofa and dreaming about a tropical island vacation won’t lead to an airline ticket magically landing in your hands.
We’re consciously creating by sending out the best possible thoughts instead of creating by default.
We’re not sending out haphazard, mixed vibrations consisting of negative blasts followed by occasional positive vibes. S & Y BUSINESS STREET LLP is incorporated pursuant to section 12(1) of the Limited Liability Partnership Act 2008.

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