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Rhonda Shear, host of USA Network's UP ALL NIGHT and actress in films like SPACEBALLS, GALAXINA, ASSAULT OF THE PARTY NERDS talks with TV Store Online. From 1991 to 1997 comedian and actress Rhonda Shear hosted bad B movies on the USA Network via her show USA Up All Night. Rhonda Shear took her audience to dance clubs, monster truck rallies, restaurants, coffee shops, cigar bars, even to a female impersonator cabaret called La Cage Aux Follies.
Watching Rhonda Shear each week on USA Up All Night was a much better and more enriching experience than sneaking into your dad's sock drawer when your parents weren't home and looking through his Playboy Magazines. Not only was Shear beautiful and figuratively Amazonian like, but she was also very funny and watching USA Up All Night always felt like you were really just hanging out with the girl next door.
Watching Shear at work really gave you the feeling that USA Up All Night must have been a television show that was completely fun to make as well. To look back over the history of television, there hasn't been another female movie host at any level to have had the reach, effect, and influence that Rhonda Shear has had on the generational audience that were watching her each Friday night. TV STORE ONLINE: Did your parents ever tell you their reasoning behind them giving you your middle name, Honey?
TV STORE ONLINE:  I read that during your college days you expressed an interest in studying law?
TV STORE ONLINE: What was it like auditioning for Mel Brooks for your role in SPACEBALLS(1985)? TV STORE ONLINE: Do you remember the very first movie you played on USA Up All Night in 1991? TV STORE ONLINE:  Did you actually watch any of the movies you guys were playing on Up All Night? TV STORE ONLINE: One thing that I find interesting about the progression of the show is how upon starting the show the Rhonda character was overtly sexual, then as the seasons progressed that was toned down quite a bit.
After a while, I actually started to get approached by foot fetish magazines and they'd ask me to do a layout.
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If something comes up, you can return or exchange up to two hours before showtime through Fandango. After working in various cameo roles and guest appearances on television and in films, she was cast by the USA Network to replace their then unwanted movie hostess Caroline Schlitt in 1991.
She could make her audience laugh with her sexually charged goofy physicality and prop play but also with her intentionally cheese-ball Borscht Belt era like jokes. Anyone that came of age during this era remembers Shear, USA Up All Night, those hideously fun and hilariously charming B movies, her sense of humor and her two incredible talents. You had a bunch of walk on roles in films and television but did the work come fast enough for you? Had you met or knew Dorothy Stratten prior to your walk on role as the "Mime-Bot?"  Did you meet her through Playboy? And you know more than likely it's teenagers at home that are watching when their parents are asleep. I can remember back as a teenager reading magazines like Femme Fatales and Fangoria and seeing ads in the classified for video tapes advertising "Your Favorite Scream Queens" all nude. Our designers require that all authorized dealers sell their authentic fashion at the same price. Surrealistically designed bras created from doll heads and skimpy dresses made with portions of see through plastic transcended Shear's comedy into the hormonal consciousness of many male American teenagers staying up late on any given Friday night. The people I was in the class with at the time were boosting my confidence, telling me that I should do stand up. So basically they told me I had to move to New York City otherwise the show was gonna either go off the air or I would be replaced. To sit down and watch the USA Network and Shear's show in the mid '90s really proved to be an B movie education to anyone interested in getting such and Rhonda Shear was your very sexy teacher. If you were a fifteen year old boy growing up on the edge of Generation X in the early '90s and you were watching Rhonda Shear's USA Up All Night, not only did you become a B movie obsessive but you also learned everything you always wanted to know about female sex appeal but were afraid to ask. To see Rhonda Shear on television on Up All Night to some of the older generation must have only been imaginatively equaled by what it would have been like if Lucille Ball and Jayne Mansfield had gotten drunk and had sex with one another and through a divine miracle from God himself that discounted the laws of nature, gave grace and somehow birthed their captivating offspring and planted her on national television for the teenagers of the 1990's. If you read on the internet, you'll see something to the effect that Bob Hope discovered me. But I was type cast somewhat, as being a character that came across as an overly sexy bimbo. So I told him that I would wear a wig and he said, "No, just show up and we'll figure it out. I actually took a hair-dryer in there with me and started blow drying my hair as I was auditioning and while all these other girls were waiting outside for their audition. I always felt bad for my mom because she would watch the show every week and she'd sit through all of those really bad movies. Her lingerie line is a best seller across The United States and Shear is committed to spending massive amounts of time appearing and selling her brand on The Home Shopping Network. When I did the film BASIC TRAINING, which I had that topless scene in, I had my dad's blessing.
I like you and I want you in the movie but I'm not gonna cast you in the part of the waitress." So that was that.

They'd write in saying, "We love her shoes, or we love her ankles, her stockings." And the more letters that came in the more we would play it up. Currently Shear is promoting her lingerie line and has many great things planned for the future.
Up until the day of shooting all I knew was that I was going to be in the film but I didn't know what I was gonna be doing or saying.
They'd write in asking me to dangle my shoes off my feet and we would do this all on the air.
The city has all that cool stuff like, to go cups (you could have beer on the public streets), voodoo, great food, graves above ground, and great music, the place is who I am. Luckily though after Up All Night was over my hosting career really took off, and it became more about hosting than acting for me.
When I go on the road I now talk about being married and being a sexy step-mom, and it's fun to play that role. Also, back then female comedians made it a point to not look pretty while on stage, out of fear that they wouldn't get laughs.
These were what we called "comedy condos." It's where a bunch of comedians would all share a single hotel room.
And to my knowledge he's no longer with Monique, even though the last one of us to see Monique was Linnea and that was a couple years ago. I didn't like that, so I just decided that I would be the first to go on stage not following that idea and try to get laughs.
So that meant that I always had to get my money because I wasn't going to be the only girl in a room with four male comedians.
Anyhow, so Monique and I did some photo shoots together, and I got topless during the shoot. After all, we're sitting here fifteen years after the show is gone from the air talking about it. But what we didn't know at the time was that this guy was shooting behind the scenes video of us nude or semi-nude and selling them via magazines and the web! So that's were you start to see the sexuality tone down, and me doing stupid things like hanging out in a men's cigar bar or being dressed up as a giant ice cream cone on the streets of New York City. I had to put up with him for a couple years, then after that, this sweet girl came in as producer, and she was very nice. I got up on a counter-top and started stomping food and the camera was zooming in on my feet. Frenchmen used to married Quadrunes and have babies with them because they were so beautiful.
We had a lot of fun, but the character still stayed the same as when I first came to New York.
And if you look back at those shows now you can see that what we were doing was a little forward.

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