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As I announced in an earlier blog post, at Active Risk we’re on a mission to make risk reporting more simple, valuable and personal.
We’ve made a commitment to share report designs in a range of categories so that organizations can use these templates to kick-start their own reports and enhance the risk information available to management. I’m delighted to announce that six new report templates will be available to download from Monday, March 18th from the ARM RPM community forum on Linkedin.
It’s advantageous to everyone to continuously improve the quality of the analysis which can be produced from the rich data which is being accumulated in ARM systems. For more information on ARM RPM visit our web site and contact your Active Risk Account Director to arrange a demonstration. The Active Risk blog takes a provocative look at how Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) can help your organization supercharge performance, improve project predictability and beat the competition. We can review our systems that we have and assign a higher risk on some systems depending on the value of the data, it’s function etc.
There is only so much in money and labor resources, so as an analytical person we assign the best we can a value to each system: Low, moderate, High, Extreme. Thus we keep the high value targets (extreme) with the highest number of resources patched and protected.

So now the hacker is in and is sniffing around, finding any weakness that you may have and then taking that to the next level. You have unwittingly created a system that invites mistakes and is a heaven for hackers, why do you think it takes 210 days before the breach is found?
Fix ALL MISTAKES, all CVS errors, bugs and create an impenetrable environment with NO insignificant risks. With this method you may still have mistakes, but they will be fixed and a more secure environment, which is what we are all striving for. The Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission (COSO) issued "Internal Control - Integrated Framework" to help businesses assess and enhance their internal control systems.
For achieving goals always means to take risks, management has to establish a strategy with objectives to get an optimal balance between achieving goals and related risks. Enterprise Risk Register® is a valuable tools to improve the risk management in a cost efficient way. Enterprise Risk Register® assists you to collect all risks identified in its risk log or risk register. Enterprise Risk Register® supports qualitative risk assessments and provides the ability to record, sort and filter data by all its characteristics.

And Enterprise Risk Register® allows you to collect treatments against the risks and analyse the effect of implementing the treatments.
In recent months we’ve launched ARM Risk Performance Manager (ARM RPM), to put report design and production into the hands of risk and project professionals.
The US scientific environment (with all of its problems) made it to the moon first by introducing testing to the individual pieces of space equipment being produced. COSO initiated a project to develop a framework for an organisation's enterprise risk management. We’ve also created an online community where Active Risk and ARM RPM users can share report designs using the popular .RDL file format.

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risk management certificate exam

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