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Climate change is increasing the frequency of disasters caused by hydro-meteorological events such as heavy rainfall, flash floods, cyclones, typhoons and storm surges. The Vietnam National IPM team, Plant Protection Department (PPD) and Southern Fruit Research Institute (SOFRI) with support from AIT and FAO-IPM is responsible for overall project management.
As a result, many heritage sites located in global hot spots such as coastal areas especially below sea level are exposed to risks of inundation greater than ever before. The northern Italy earthquake of 2012 caused widespread damage to the historic city of Ferrara while earthquake in Philippines in 2013 damaged historic Bohol churches.

The team has decades of experiences in farmer’s training using FFS (Farmer’s Field School). Also there might be low frequency high intensity incidents of flooding that may trigger landslides along mountain slopes. Floods in the Balkan region in 2014 affected numerous historic towns, 2011 floods in Thailand severely damaged the World Heritage Site of Ayuthhaya, and 2010 floods in Pakistan affected many archaeological sites and vernacular settlements along the Indus River.
Moreover climate change is resulting in higher temperatures are also resulting increased incidents of wild fires putting cultural heritage located in forested areas to greater risk than ever before.

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risk management training course in thailand

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