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Our risk management framework is designed to ensure that all significant risks, opportunities and uncertainties are identified and assessed in terms of their potential impact on key objectives, analysed quantitatively against the financial model or capital cost estimate, then managed and mitigated within a planned and structured framework. Develop the overall risk management strategy, procedure, and risk management plan to mitigate the risks. O SlideShare utiliza cookies para otimizar a funcionalidade e o desempenho do site, assim como para apresentar publicidade mais relevante aos nossos usuarios.
Operational Risk Management Simulation Game which allows participants to react to a stream of changes in Key Risk Drivers (KRDs) across a number of Key Risk Areas (KRAs) such as “systems”, “people”, “processes” or “customers”. It will remain there either until it becomes due for its review, or if you make any changes to it, when it will move up to the second section called "Approved Risk Assessments Due for Review" (where it will remain active). TAM's Risk Assessment template focuses on processes, which allows you to deal with more than one hazard in one Risk Assessment. TAM's Risk Assessment template enables you to specify actions, including repeat actions, that need to be taken as a consequence of a Risk Assessment. Any training requirements entered into your Risk Assessment template are fed to TAM's Training module, making it easy to identify training requirements and to record training done. TAM also enables you to specify whether a training requirement needs to be instructor led or whether employees can complete the training on their own, i.e. A huge advantage with TAM is the fact that the Risk Assessments are available to staff online at all times. When you make a change to a Risk Assessment, TAM will ask you to choose whether the change made necessitates a retraining of staff or not, and, if so, whether the training needs to be instructor led or can be simple self-training. Also, because the Risk Assessments are made available to staff online, any changes you make are immediate and with no hassle. So, do all staff at risk need to be trained on a Risk Assessment and the Safe Systems of Work?

For example, take a detailed Risk Assessment and Safe Systems of Work that are aimed at staff operating a dangerous piece of equipment to ensure they know how to safely operate it. Because TAM works with the concept of Geographic AreaYour workplace is divided into Geographic Areas on TAM and covers all areas inside and outside were staff and contractors may venture as part of their work. In this way, the "Staff Near It" do not need to receive extensive training they really don't need, yet will still be alerted to the presence of the hazard(s).
Whereas each User is told by TAM which Risk Warnings are specifically relevant to them, any staff who are not current Users on TAM will still be able to access a non-personalised listing of the Risk Warnings by Geographic AreaYour workplace is divided into Geographic Areas on TAM and covers all areas inside and outside were staff and contractors may venture as part of their work.
For each Risk Assessment you will be able to specify if there are any additional risks for disabled people, new and expectant mothers, and young persons.
If you have more than one site, you will be able to create templates for specific Risk Assessments at a corporate level that your sites can then download, modify to reflect their local working conditions, and then approve. In today’s complex environment you cannot rely upon increased controls, excessive monitoring, or strict procedures for effective risk management.
Ensure that the organization identifies and understands all the risks involved in its activities and consciously identifies the risks it wants to adopt and those it wants to offload. Ensure that there is timely and accurate information is available such that sound risk management decisions can be made. One of the key areas of expertise for Nicoms Limited is risk management, particularly managing Operation Risk.
This form has prompts for hazard identifiation, a risk assessment tool, the heirarchy of control and an action plan for implementation and monitoring of controls.
Each KRD has a particular relationship with risk and also a weighting of its importance within a Key Risk Area.
A Draft Risk Assessment remains inactive, and your staff will not see it until you approve it, when it will appear in the third section called "Approved Risk Assessment".

For example, you may be doing a particular cleaning job that involves a potentially dangerous piece of cleaning equipment, as well as use of a hazardous cleaning chemical and, in the process, you also create a slip hazard. TAM will then track these for you through to completion, as well as providing you with an audit trail of who completed the actions and when. For those staff that are Users, it is also easy to see what Risk Assessments they have been trained on and those they still need to carry out. Hence, you don't have to replace old hardcopies of the Risk Assessment with new ones, or worry about whether everyone has the latest version or not. This same piece of equipment could potentially be a danger to "Staff Near It", but, as these staff are not going to operate the equipment, there is no need for them to be trained on the detailed Risk Assessment and Safe Systems of Work telling them how to operate it. These can then be viewed either as part of the individual Risk Assessment or as a summary of all the Risk Assessments on Site.
Companies need to have a strategic vision, establish a risk management culture, develop and train the staff, and put in place enterprise-wide systems that provide effective performance monitoring. The objective of the game is to get to the end of the time period without any major risk losses occurring and within your risk management budget. Instead of addressing each one of these three hazards in three different Risk Assessments, you can cover all of them in one TAM Risk Assessment.
As a result, it becomes a lot easier for staff to put the issues in context and enabling them to see the bigger picture, not to mention the fact that your Risk Assessments become less repetitive in nature.

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