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COL LEOPOLDO A IMBANG, JR GSC (INF) PA is appointed as the Commandant and Deparment Head of the UP Diliman DMST from June 2013 to present. Colonel Silvino A Alcabasa, Jr CE (GSC) PA 0-8427 is the 42nd Commandant of the University of the Philippines – Diliman ROTC Unit. In 1988, he received his commission as Second Lieutenant in the Reserve Force, Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and was subsequently called-to-active duty in the Philippine Army in 1989. The NSTP Change of Matriculation period for the First Semester AY 2014-2015 is scheduled on 27 October 2014 (Monday) to 31 October 2014 (Friday). Pictures are now corrected, thank you Frank.Victor, let's see some of your red beret FA pictures. Click here to remove banner ads from this forum.This Forum Is Hosted For FREE By ProBoardsGet Your Own Free Forum! He finished high school with honors at the University of the Philippines and was a scholar during his Law studies at U.P. When Marcos was reviewing for the Bar exams, he was arrested for having shot the then newly elected representative of Ilocos Norte, Julio Nalundasan who won over his father. Despite this problem, Marcos topped the Bar exams in 1939, but could not take his oath as a lawyer because of his pending case. During the outbreak of the Second World War, Marcos joined the military, fought in Bataan and later joined the guerilla forces. When the Philippines was granted independence in July 4, 1946 by the American government, the Philippine Congress was established.
He was chairman, House Neophytes Bloc in which (President) Diosdado Macapagal, (Vice President) Emmanuel Pelaez and (Manila Mayor) Arsenio J.
As a lawyer and a master politician, Marcos led a most interesting and controversial political career both before and after his term as Senate President. He became Prime Minister in June 12, 1978 and ruled the country for 20 years till February 25, 1986 during the EDSA People Power revolution which ousted him from power.
The UPROTC was in line for a major change in the form of the addition of the Rayadillo into their ranks.

A committee was formed to deliberate on the possibilities and relevance of creating such a unit. The Rayadillo was inaugurated on August 18, 1962 during the Presentation of Sponsors of the Board of Regents.
His designation as Commandant of Cadets, of the UP Diliman Department of Military Science and Tactics began on 16 May 2012. Academic units must redistribute students from their NSTP common module and generic pairs to their corresponding program components using the Class Redistribution module.
Marcos was a former President and prime Minister, statesman, war hero, author, poet and parliamentarian. Marcos ran and was twice elected as representative of the 1st district of Ilocos Norte, 1949-1959.
He became Senator after he served as member of the House of Representatives for three terms, then later as Minority Floor Leader before gaining the Senate Presidency.
He assumed office as President in December 30, 1965 and held the defense post in a concurrent capacity till January 1967. He left behind his wife, Imelda and their three children: Maria Imelda Josefa Trinidad (Imee), Ferdinand Jr. That it was the name given to the Elite Presidential Guards of President Aguinaldo during the Philippine Revolution of 1896, because of the blue cloth of their uniform which were uniquely pinstripped. This adoption of the use of tagalog commands during drills was quickly followed by the Philippine Constabulary and later on by our Armed Forces of the Philippines as a whole. Since that time on, the Rayadillo has performed to the delight of several dignitaries, fellow students and countrymen alike. Marcos, a lawyer from Batac, Ilocos Norte who became its district representative in the Lower house and governor of Davao during the American occupation and Josefa Edralin, a teacher. Roxas was elected and assumed office in May 28, 1946, Marcos was designated Special Assistant to the President, 1946-1947. He was named chairman of the House Committee on Commerce and Industry and member of the Defense Committee headed by Ramon Magsaysay.

He is one of the legislators who had established a record for having introduced a number of significant bills, many of which found their way into the Republic statute books. Iluminada Panlilio, the University Secretary; the acting UPROTC Commandant, General Armurfo Banez (who was Captain at the time) and the tactical officer, Vanguard David Madrid. Exhibition ranging from parades for the President and the Vice President of the University of the Philippines, the Board of Regents, for the Philippines Congress and for the reception of the President of Mexico, President Suharto of Indonesia and Prince Akihito from Japan. Yes, the guinit helmet was painted silver (maybe inspired by those late 1930s "Flash Gordon" and Buck Rodgers" serials). I was Field Artillery (red berets) back in UP ROTC.I'm going to host your pictures in my photobucket so they won't expire.
He was also named member of the Philippine Veterans Commission that went to Washington D.C.
Finally, everything was set and the Rayadillo was ready to makes its mark in Philippine History. When this photo was taken, the unit had expanded to a battalion composed of four infantry companies. Note two-tone maroon and green color of shoulder boards, guinit helmet pugaree and tassel affixed to helmet spike.UP ROTC color guard with cadets in Type A khaki uniforms. The double ranks of cadets in each platoon indicate the use in this instance of the Old Drill Regulations (ODR) or Cadet Drill, as opposed to the more common New Drill Regulations (NDR).The entire Corps was adept at both systems for drill and ceremonies. Helmets worn by the Rayadillo honor company have given way to straw hats with maroon and green hat bands. The spiked guinit helmet tradition however is still retained, but only for cadet officers.Modern cadet officers of UP ROTC in "gala" parade uniform. Note the shoulder boards are just like those originally worn in the late 1930s, except that they are inverted.

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rotc training in the philippines

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