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It is the second book in a trilogy by Simone Elkeles that followed Perfect Chemistry. The book involves the second Fuentes brother, Carlos, and how he turns his life upside down thanks to a girl, Kiara.
I enjoyed reading about the changes in Carlos and how he began to let his guard down with Kiara.
Overall, Rules of Attraction is a great book that shows how much someone can change for the person they love and how much they would risk to be with the people they love. Extreme care was taken to enhance all aspects of her comfort and style, while maintaining her pedigree as a true performance yacht. Carlos unwillingly moves in with his brother as a sarcastic, obnoxious, and closed minded teenager. He immediatley gets himself into trouble by getting involved with the wrong crowd and eventually gets set up with drugs and caught by the police. She makes him go from a guy who doesn't care about anything to someone who wants to change his life to be with the people he loves.
Professor Westford and the rest of the family also help Carlos to be more open to others and they make him feel like he is worth something. I also enjoyed reading how Carlos changes Kiara into a more trusting person and someone who is less afraid to take risks.

This includes living with Professor Westford, a man who helps troubled teens, and his family. Carlos and Kiara both change each other for the better, and it's fun to see what they are both willing to do to be with each other. To answer your question above , yes I do think that the themes of the book are a little to similar. Carlos moves in with the Westfords and ends up having differences with the Professor's daughter, Kiara. I was hoping to get a different background but when I read your  blog , I am happy that they kept the story of the brothers together. He sees her as an unpopular, smart girl who likes to work on cars, and he is convinced she is more of a guy than a girl. You did a great job on letting your readers know the plot and story line from the previous book.

Kiara feels the same way about Carlos at first, and she thinks of him as difficult, stubborn, and a guy who means nothing but trouble. The term 'opposites attract' really does apply to Carlos and Kiara because they eventually begin to develop feelings for each other. Later on, Carlos's gang problems catch up with him in Colorado.  He is left with the decision to go against the gang and risk his life to be with Kiara, or to be involved in a gang for the rest of his life.

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rules of attraction book deutsch

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