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Charlie Redmon and Max Dodd discuss how Process Based Leadership® provides BAE Systems Anniston with a solid foundation for site-wide improvements in communication, accountability and continuous improvement. Additionally, they clearly defined ground rules for when, where, how, and how often meetings needed to be held.  A site-wide communication “waterfall” chart was created so that Senior Leaders knew exactly when each team would be receiving key information each week. The entire Anniston site had made significant strides in improving the way the business is being run.  There is now a common vocabulary, standard Home team meetings for communication, a common format for team scorecards, and action registers are used by every team and are reviewed in every meeting. Enter your email address to be notified of new Tuesday's Tips, Seminar and Webinar dates and more. AMMA, the Australian Mines and Metals Association, is Australia’s largest national resource industry employer group.

Whether it is through our close work with government on key policy issues, or by utilising our specialist workforce consulting, legal and training services, AMMA greatly assists Australia’s resource employers to meet their commercial objectives, to overcome operating challenges, and in the productive, competitive and socially responsible running of their businesses and their workplaces. AMMA’s resource industry events are renowned for great networking and information sharing.
In partnership with our members, AMMA actively influences and changes the industry and workplace policy environment. At BAE Systems Anniston, the challenge was to extend those gains to include efficiency, teamwork, elimination of waste, and also improve overall performance in the offices like they had seen on the shop floors. By harnessing our expertise, influence, vast networks and the specialist knowledge of our national team, no matter what the issue, we’ve got you covered.

From industry briefings, workshops and forums, to the highly anticipated AMMA National Conference, there’s something for everyone.

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safety leadership training for supervisors 2014

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