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On March 9, the Coptic Orthodox Church remembers the departure of the Great Pope (Papa, Ava) Kyrillos (Cyril) VI, the 116th Pope of Alexandria and successor of Saint Mark the Evangelist. When the monastery of Saint Samuel was restored, he left that area and moved to a deserted windmill in El-Moukatam mountain at the outskirts of Cairo.
Father Mina used to clean the dormitory and the lavatories by himself without letting anybody know, and would not let anyone else do this job. On the enthronement day of our holy father, Pope Kyrillos VI declared that by becoming the pastor, he was also the loving and vigilant pastor of all. One day Pope Kyrillos received a foreign priest in his private room at the old Cathedral of Saint Mark. The renovation of the ancient Cathedral of Saint Mark, the establishment of the Monastery of Saint Mina at Mariout, and the new Saint Mark’s Cathedral at Anba Rouis.
For the first time in the history of the Coptic Orthodox Church, he established Coptic Orthodox churches in Asia, America, Canada and Australia.
It was under the papacy of Pope Kyrillos VI that this dream came true, a few months after the start of the miraculous apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary at Zeitoun, Egypt.
May the prayers and intercessions of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God, and of Pope Saint Kyrillos VI and his patron Saint, St. His Holiness stated in his will, his desire to be buried with his beloved Saint and Patron, St. Saint Abdel Messih El-Makari was born in 1892 in the village of Abou Shehata, Mattay district, El-Menya governorate (Egypt).
God has His honest witnesses in every generation and " Pope KYRILLOS VI "is one of those great witnesses ! By retiring from the world , he became " John " of this generation , the witness for the Light and called for repentance . This humble job is dedicated to the soul of our beloved Saint , POPE KYRILLOS VI , and to all of his sons all over the world , and to the coming generations . Many years before Saint Kyrillos joins the monastery or start his leadership to the church he was always asking for the assistance and help of Saint MENAS whom has joined the victorious church more than 1600 years before .
Their relation was very strong , and was even more like friends , many people went to Pope Kyrillos VI asking for his prayers to solve a problem or to cure an illness , and SAINT KYRILLOS VI usually answered that he would send them Saint MENAS , and he always did . SAINT KYRILLOS VI was very eager to return back the glory of the name of SAINT MENAS the MARTYR in Egypt , after his city in Mariott , which is known till now as " BOMNAH " or " BO MINA " which is slang language with the meaning " Saint MINAS " .
The visitor of the Saint MINAS Monastery today will see a dream of SAINT KYRILLOS VI which came into reality because of his good will , and his and Saint Minas prayers , and the assistance of all their lovers from all over the world . Only thirty years old at the time, the monks refused his request saying, “You are only thirty years old and your monastic life is only five years. He lived in this church till his ordination as Pope of Alexandria and the Holy See of Saint Mark in 1959.
Before him, five popes of Alexandria bore the name Kyrillos (Cyril); the first of them was Saint Cyril the Great of Alexandria, the pillar of faith, who acted against Nestorianism and used the title Theotokos, meaning God bearer, or Mother of God, for the Virgin Mary. At the end of the liturgy, all people gathered around him and he began to bless them individually, standing for long hours with meekness and patience.

As a result, one could meet the pope whenever in need, even if he was sick or even if one came by night while everybody else slept. The priest, seeing that the room of His Holiness was very humble and not to the standard a pope deserves, asked His Holiness to give him the permission to furnish the room and decorate it with the most luxurious furniture. From the time Pope Kyrillos stepped off the plane which brought the holy relics, hymns, liturgies and doxologies were sung incessantly. He made the sacred unction (Holy Chrism or Meron) used for anointing the body of the person after being baptized, with the view of being sacred as the temple of God. They hooked a speaker from the great Cathedral to his bedroom at his request because he could not bear not being able to perform liturgy daily as before.
He was the nephew of Theophilus, Patriarch of Alexandria, who also instructed the Saint in his youth.
Pope Tawadros II of Alexandria declared at the end of its meeting on June 20, 2013, in Cairo, Egypt, the official recognition by the Church of Pope Kyrillos VI and Archdeacon Habib Girgis as Saints. Matta El-Meskeen and his monk disciples to Wadi El Natroun to develop the 4th-century monastery of St. His parents were both Christians; his father's name is Henein and His mother's name is Esther. Kyrillos to join together and PRAY for your problem, please send it to us, and we will e mail it to all the mailing group , and add it in the page of " WE NEED YOUR PRAY ", and please also check this page as there might be brothers and sisters who need your prays for them . Pope Kyrillos was a holy man of prayer who through full dedication to the life of prayer and fasting possessed many higher gifts which included performing wonders and miracles, the gift of knowledge, and an unusual ability to lead by example. He found himself surrounded with college students, many of them were from outside Cairo, so he started a dormitory for students who needed this service. It is said that nearly every person who lived in the days of Pope Kyrillos witnessed a personal miracle, whether healing from various diseases, miraculous solving of difficult life problems, casting out of devils or just revelation of people’s past. Pope Kiryllos VI Luminous celestial beings in the shape of white pigeons flew over Cairo Airport and were seen by all attendants (it was half an hour before midnight and real pigeons do not fly by night).
One day the head mother of one of the convents (monasteries for nuns) wanted to speak to him on the phone, but the staff wouldn’t give out his private number. Having first spent much time with the monks in Nitria, he later became the successor to his uncles throne in 412. Their names are to be included in the Coptic Orthodox Synaxarium, mentioned in the Mass among the Saints of the Church, and have churches built and named after their names. When he grew up, he wanted to be a spiritual warrior in the army of celibates, so he left the world and headed to the Monastery of St.
His life was the best example set for that perfects Christian , who was supported by God’s divine power that perfect miracles . He was undoubtedly a very spiritual man and brought the Coptic Church into a new era of spirituality.
He pursued a life of solitude at El-Natron Valley in the western desert between Cairo and Alexandria, then he headed the Monastery of Saint Anba Samuel the Confessor at Zawarah in upper Egypt and devoted a great deal of effort toward the restoration of this historic landmark.
Once, as Father Raphael Ava Mina says, someone went to Pope Kyrillos to pray for him because all medical effort to heal him had failed.

The miracles of Pope Kyrillos helped strengthening people’s faith and they returned to God. In 429, when Cyril heard tidings of the teachings of the new Patriarch of Constantinople, Nestorius, he began attempting through private letters to bring Nestorius to renounce his heretical teaching about the Incarnation. Mark, his blessed hand brought construction and restoration to the desert that gave nothing but salty water, unfit even for building. He was highly regarded by the people of Egypt from all walks of life, Christians and non-Christians alike. Then much against his family’s wishes, he resigned his job with the intention of becoming a monk and entered the Monastery of El-Baramous on Wednesday, July 27, 1927. Here, Father Mina spent his time praying and contemplating because of his love for his Saviour.
Here, Father Mina spent his time praying and contemplating because of his love for his Savior.
She did not call, but later on she was blessed by seeing him and was rendered speechless when Anba Kyrillos asked her the reason she did not call on his private line. When the heresiarch did not repent, Saint Cyril, together with Pope Celestine of Rome, led the Orthodox opposition to his error. He did so several times, and each time his father would come to the monastery and bring him back home and this was associated with the death of a large number of his father's cattles. He was ordained monk on Saturday, February 25, 1928 and was named Mina after the name of Saint Mina (Menas or Mena), his patron saint. Here is a sick person looking for a cure which he attains through the prayers of Father Mina. Saint Cyril presided over the Third Ecumenical Council of the 200 Holy Fathers in the year 431, who gathered in Ephesus under Saint Theodosius the Younger. The man was surprised to find the pope calling him by his name even though he had never seen him before. At this Council, by his most wise words, he put to shame and convicted the impious doctrine of Nestorius, who, although he was in town, refused to appear before Cyril. A third is tormented by a demon and is healed when Father Mina prays for him… Whoever sat with Father Mina obtained a definite relief, a heavenly relief. Saint Cyril, besides overthrowing the error of Nestorius, has left to the Church full commentaries on the Gospels of Luke and John.
Pope Shenouda III read his will, he had to follow his wishes and move his holy body to the desert south west of Alexandria, to the Monastery of Saint Mina which was re-established and immensely expanded by Pope Kyrillos to honour his patron saint, St. Finally, he moved to El-Manahra village, Mattay district, and God honoured him with the gifts of prescience and discerning of spirits.
He did wonders and miracles exactly like those done at the hands of the apostles, and he used to cover up his spiritual gifts and virtues with some "odd" behaviour, but all people of Mattay and Samalout region testify to his holiness.

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