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Les commentaires que vous laissez ne laissent en rien présager que vous etes anonymes. St Maarten flights land at the Princess Juliana International Airport on the Dutch side of the island whereas smaller St Martin flights arrive and depart from Aeroport de Lesperance on the French side. One great thing about St Martin airfare during the low season is that you can save quite a bit of money and spend it at the local stores. There is one thing you must remember when searching for flights to St Martin during the low season.
St Martin is popular as a cruise destination and the city has also gained a lot of popularity for being a duty free shopping destination.
US citizens traveling to the destination need to bring proof of citizenship and a photo ID. Euro is the legal currency in this destination, but US Dollars are accepted at most of the places. At those hotels that are located on the French side, a 5% occupancy tax is added per person. The island of Saint Martin a€“ Sint Maarten has 37 beaches of varying sizes and characteristics. Located on the Dutch side, it is one of the busiest beaches in the world and, undoubtedly, the island's most famous.
Marigot: The capital of the French area of the island has all types of services and businesses for visitors. The nature reserve boasts a protected area of 3,060 hectares in the north-eastern part of the island, of which 2,900 are marine. Loterie Farm: Loterie Farm is an old sugar plantation which has been converted into a nature reserve and eco-adventure park.

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving: The island's various beaches are ideal for those who like to snorkel. There is a wide range of local dishes for you to become familiar with Caribbean gastronomy.
As it offers a lot of shopping opportunities at reasonable prices, visitors who are shopping buffs can let themselves loose on the island. Not only can you try cuisines that are specific to this place, one can also try delightful cuisines that are unique to other places like continental, Italian, Mexican, French, Thai and many more. If you see yourself lying on a beach of fine, white sand looking at a pure, sparkling sea holding a tropical fruit cocktail in your hand, this is your destination.
Generally, the beaches on the Dutch side are livelier, while those on the French side are more peaceful and ideal for relaxing. During the week it is almost completely available to hotel guests, however on the weekends, especially Sundays, it livens up with the arrival of local beachgoers. It is situated at the end of the airport's landing runways and airplanes fly over at very low altitudes. Many believe that it has the best international food in the Antilles as it is the home to dozens of high-end restaurants. However, for those who do not enjoy diving, there is an area of160 hectares on land covered by cliffs and beaches where various species of marine birds, iguanas, raccoons and mongoose coexist.
In addition, those who want to scuba dive will find an incredible seabed providing them with a fabulous diving experience during which they will find coral reefs with an enormous biodiversity where they will see brightly colored parrotfish, sponges and lobsters. Many are the result of using local ingredients to make recipes which arrived with the Dutch, French and Spanish colonists. On the other hand, some stores close their doors, as they will not see the traffic they normally do during the peak season. The majority of French and Italians travel to St Maarten during July and August more than any other time during the year. Though a visa is required for longer stays, visitors coming from France may stay up to three months. It is customary to add a tip between 50 cents and a dollar for taxi drivers, while at the airport porters usually get $1 per bag. Here, the nights move to the rhythm of salsa and merengue, while the days are for the beach: whether for water sports and making friends, or for relaxing in a solitary cove. The water is calm and the beach itself has various shady areas thanks to the vegetation surrounding it.

Beachgoers include those intrigued by the excitement of the proximity of the landing airplanes and those who love waves and want to take advantage of the movement created by the planes to surf or windsurf. On Wednesdays and Saturdays, visitors can enjoy a colorful open-air market on the Boulevard de France.
In the water you can spot turtles and further out to sea, between January and May, you can see humpback whales with their calves. It is easily one of the most popular Caribbean destinations among Americans and Europeans alike. Inland, the thick vegetation and humid atmosphere are a reminder that this is the tropics, while the birdsong of the most exotic species confirms that this is a paradise on earth.St-Martin - St Maarten is a small island in the Antilles.
It has all of the services and amenities necessary for you to enjoy a perfect day of sun and sea. It is worth tracking them down for a restful experience, a pleasure that is different from that of more lively spots.Dona€™t miss the seafloor around St Martin. It has an area of less than 90 km2 and was spotted by Columbus from his ship on the 11th November, 1493, on his second expedition to America.
It is the oldest neighborhood on the island and houses the stately colonial mansion which today is the mayor's official residence. These last two divided up the territory of St Martin and today it belongs to both countries. It is the worlda€™s smallest island that is divided between two nations and the only place on earth where France and the Netherlands share a border.
Few buildings remain from its colonial past but wandering down its narrow streets and interacting with the friendly residents makes for an entertaining afternoon. Its main streets have a fantastic commercial infrastructure where you can find major international fashion brands, jewelry shops and leather goods stores.
Chosen by numerous artists as an unparalleled base and source of inspiration, St Martin is the perfect example of the Caribbean way of life.A With its beaches, climate and friendly locals, this place has not been overlooked by tourism. We recommend you visit Fort Willem where the communication tower is located and enjoy a wonderful visit to the town's most modern area, as well as the neighboring islands.

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