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Shot by Brandon Hicks, Dawn Richard looks super stylish in this series of images for Saint Heron. What many may not know today is that Monsieur Christian Dior himself only worked for ten years under his own name (1947-1957). Yves Saint Laurent holds up a drawing of his cocktail dress design that won him first prize in 1953 in a fashion drawing competition in Paris.
Soon after, Marc Bohan took over the creative reigns for well over two decades and offered collections that were on par with what the bosses wanted, which through his careful handling, were also amazing commercial successes. With Bernard Armaud’s acquisition of Christian Dior in the mid-80’s, Gianfranco Ferre came to replace Bohan as head couturier in 1989.
Natalie Portman and John Galliano at the reopening of Christian Dior's 57th Street Boutique in New York City, NY.
Many people may not know that within the Christian Dior history laid an imposing fur presence. Frederic Castet was not only the master furrier for the house from 1953 to 1988, he was the go-to man for millionaires and celebrities for anything fur and spectacular.
Once at Christian Dior, Castet brilliantly oversaw the haute fourrure department and established a pret-a-porter fourrure department in 1968 based on the haute couture vs. Related Topics: YSL, Jodie Foster, Deirdre Donohue, Gianfranco Ferre, celebrities, 1960s fashion, Ferre, Regine, fashion history, John GallianoClick on a topic to view all articles related to that topic.

All of the Prayer Cards we offer are made by Bliss, which has been producing remarkable Catholic Religious gifts for over a 100 years. Reflection – As a brother, as chancellor, and as bishop, Saint Richard faithfully performed each duty of his state without a thought of his own interests. Bohan, in many ways, approached haute couture like luxe ready-to-wear, looking at the changing world around him for inspirations and nuances, which in turn translated in a huge fan base throughout the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s.
The house of Christian Dior was also a huge influence on the global fashion stage for its fur designs.
He is credited for treating furs like any other materials used in haute couture creations, often being more painter than tailor; this aspect allowed him to redefine what a fur garment could be in the modern age. Sophia Loren, who was almost entirely dressed in Christian Dior for at least 20 years, wore Bohan and Castet equally (rumors are that she still has every single look stored in her villa in Switzerland).
If you look closely at what designers have shown in recent collections, his work is certainly making a distinctive comeback. Each Prayer Card is individually printed with precision detail and high resolution color. The matching Patron Saint medal is die struck by hand using solid pewter bars in the old tradition, and undergoes several separate procedures. By the mid-1990s, the tide moved toward directional edgy fashion as John Galliano took charge, literally reinventing the Dior machine, and reintroducing noteworthy fur collections under his name.
At Christian Dior, fur design was as important as its other collections, and for that reason Castet was given carte blanche to experiment with the medium without any restrictions.

Only the finest materials are used to masterfully craft our Prayer Cards. Our commitment to excellence is a time honored tradition for over 5 generations.
He and his elder brother were left orphans when young, and Richard gave up the studies which he loved, to farm his brother’s impoverished estate.
It means people won’t see the vision on a large scale and you’ll not always get the credit. In 1135 he was appointed, for his learning and piety, chancellor of that University, and afterward by Saint Edmund of Canterbury, chancellor of his diocese.
After Saint Edmund’s death, Richard returned to England to toil as a simple curate, but was soon elected Bishop of Chichester in preference to the worthless nominee of Henry III.
For me, I haven’t even touched the surface of where my mind wants to visually take this movement. He gave all he had, and worked miracles, to feed the poor and heal the sick; but when the rights or purity of the Church were concerned, he was inexorable.

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