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Leisure operator Serco is to roll out a mentoring programme aimed at tackling chronic inactivity across its sites, following a successful pilot run in partnership with Sport England. The Healthy Life programme identifies individuals who do no exercise at all and supports them to build sustainable physical activity into their lives. Action For Kids is an inspirational national charity, helping young people with disabilities to develop their independence. We provide personalised work skills training and work experience from our North London centre. We believe that young people with a learning disability should be given opportunities to prepare for employment like everyone else. You will have extensive experience of working with people with learning disabilities and understand the barriers that often prevent them from getting a job. Under the programme, each individual is assigned a health and wellbeing coach who encourages them to take part in activities at their local leisure centre (e.g.

Our vision is of a world where all people living with a disability get to lead the life they choose. For this reason Action For Kids developed a job coaching and supported employment option for young people aged 19+ who use our services. You will also have experience and a successful track record of supporting disabled people into employment and be passionate about their right to live the life they want.
Your energy and commitment will enable you to play a key part in realising this aspiration.
There are also referrals through health services such as GPs, diabetes clinics, plus trips and falls clinics, while individuals are also welcome to volunteer themselves. The pilot study comprised 1,000 participants across four Serco leisure centres.
You will be part of a highly committed and professional team that works across a range of disabilities.

It found that after 12 weeks, 54 per cent of participants were still enjoying some level of increased physical activity, with 29 per cent reaching the target of taking part in 30 minutes of exercise every week. The results a€“ which were independently evaluated by Brighton University a€“ showed that as well as helping people to lose weight, the increased physical activity also led to significantly improved mental wellbeing, reduced stress levels and increased sleep quality. a€?We want to get more people to play sport and exercise regularly, which can make a big contribution to tackling inactivity, improving health and wellbeing, and making a real saving to healthcare across England,a€? said Sport England property director Charles Johnston. It was recently announced that Serco is looking to sell its leisure arm as part of a strategy overhaul, however a company spokesperson told Leisure Opportunities that it is a€?business as usuala€? in the meantime.

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salary of a life coach uk london

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