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Oftentimes the most difficult part of a salesperson's job is overcoming a customer's objections, and offering rebuttals that come across as valid and sincere. By playing out realistic sales interactions with your peers, you gain experience in overcoming common customer objections. Achieved through creativity and hard work – Most Influential and successful Women in Technology .
For the customer who wants to talk to his spouse, ask what he thinks she's looking for and what her objections might be.
Part of building a successful sales rapport includes asking probing questions to find out a little of their personal, day-to-day activities, and using that information to validate their objections and offer solutions that fit their lifestyle.

This is because rejection and objections are simply buying signals in disguise, and knowing this becomes key in closing the deal. By practicing the conversations, your reactions to customer objections will come easily and confidently. Although It can be tough to deal with rejection because you're selling yourself as much as you're selling a product, keep your ego and emotions out of the interaction. Most customers don't want to put in the legwork to shop around; they just want reassurance they're getting the best deal. If a customer states he'd like to think it over, ask him what hesitations he has and address them.

My cousins were sort of rich and when you see that, you strive to do better in many respects.

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sales closing techniques youtube

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