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Before diving in to why I feel so strongly about this, let me offer a few clarifying points. But the 99 percent of you reading this article aren’t running routes or working retail.
The biggest problem with sporting that embroidered logo so prominently when meeting with customers and prospects? A few times this past year I was out in the field with two particular clients’ sales teams. Once you tap these 3 channels, now you have to figure out how to identify the leads most likely to buy from you. On Thursday April 26th I’ll be releasing 3 brand spanking new tactics that will allow you to identify YOUR top quality leads & win them over like a high performing closer (even with average salespeople)!
In fact, I’ll go as far as declaring that most salespeople should never wear their company logo shirts on sales calls.
I love it when salespeople are passionate about what they sell and they’re in love with their company. I was spending time coaching sales reps, assessing the market and talent, learning their business, and in one case, preparing custom training content for the client’s upcoming sales conference.
Next time you’re in the airport or a popular lunch spot, look around at the sales guys with their embroidered logos.

If you could do that, you wouldn’t have to build a sales team of great closers- the best leads will convert to buyers at a high percentage anyway! Sticking your logo in the customer’s face screams that you are there on behalf of your company and that the sales call is all about you. Unless you want to be perceived as the delivery guy in uniform, why do you wear your company apparel on sales calls? When my financial advisor sits me down for a year-end planning meeting, does he show up in business attire looking like a professional advisor or wearing a low-end dress shirt with his big logo stitched on it? What is surprising is how many speakers are extroverted on stage but introverted off stage. Both of these particular clients were very large American companies with strong brands, proud legacies, and a premium position in the market. If you run a route like the Frito-Lay or Snap-on sales guy, wearing the logo (uniform) makes perfect sense. They think they need to be more extroverted in order to sell more and that is so far from the truth. The focus is about how great, wonderful and powerful your company is, and how much you love it. Working the floor in a retail operation like the Sprint store or the local Honda dealership?

We can be more introverted and extroverted, depending on the situation but generally we’re not extreme in our personalities or need to shun or shine in the spotlight.
AND contrary to what most people think, us #Ambiverts make the best #sales people NOT the stereotypical #extroverts who talk too much!… Click To Tweetand make it all about themselves.
It went against everything I write and preach about when it comes to our sales story and our messaging, and how we want to come across during sales calls.
So it was the 5th day of the 5th month at 5pm for my 5th Anniversary and I’d have $5 specials. Normally I’d open up on a Saturday but thought, what the heck ,this makes it easy to remember and a bit special. I emailed my email list of customers and did not expect more than a few friends to show up.

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sales coach malaysia

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