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Imagine how much more you could sell if you had this team of world-class coaches on your side.
Chris Voss understands high stakes negotiations and can relate his proven techniques to the sales world. Shawn’s mission is to help you become the strongest, healthiest, happiest version of yourself. Jeff is the co-founder and CEO of Winning Sales Habits and the author of the upcoming book, The 7-Day Sales Challenge.
As a member of Daily Sales Coach, you’ll have access to these (and many others) to help you harness and maximize your talents, skills, energy, knowledge and drive.
So, what is Daily Sales Coach?  Membership in this unique group looks at your sales performance in the same way that an elite athlete approaches theirs.
Twelve advanced sales training modules covering every aspect of sales performance from the inside out. Access to a private, password-protected website where you can tap into additional resources, download the 80-page Daily Sales Coach Training Manual and access archives of all training sessions, webinars and Daily Sales Boosts. Daily Sales Coach will be $995 for the year, but you can use the promotional code you’ve been given for a substaintial savings at checkout.

BONUS (A $297 Value) You will receive a one-on-one Strategy Session with Winning Sales Habits co-founder Jeffrey Howard. Let’s face it, the only reason you would invest in sales training is so you can get sales results. No Alex Rodriguez or Jorge Posada and, once the game was out of hand, no Derek Jeter or Robinson Cano. He is the best-selling author of the book, Sleep Smarter, and creator of The Model Health Show, featured as the #1 Nutrition and Fitness pocast on iTunes. From understanding how your clients make buying decisions to becoming an energy orchestrator, from taking control of your time to mastering sales communications, from establishing a strong personal brand that differentiates you in the marketplace to understanding how you can increase sales by 30% using social media, our faculty of experts cover it all. Jeff will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses, clarify your goals, hold you accountable to your commitments and give you access to over 20 years experience as a sales expert, trainer and coach. Louis with a background in biology and kenesiology, Shawn went on to be the founder of Advanced Integrated Health Alliance. Prior to starting his company, Integrated Alliances, Mike spent 20 years in the telecommunications industry in sales, engineering and data networking. Imagine how much more effective you’d be as a sales professional if you had access to a coach, each and every day, that helped you identify a personal plan of action, suggested resources that helped you develop your strengths and held you accountable for taking action.

VP of LGE Performance Systems (now the Human Performance Institute) in Orlando, FL, where world-class athletes trained in mental toughness.
Jeff has been featured in Sales Mastery Magazine and been an invited guest lecturer for the Executive MBA program at UC Berkeley and the sales communications specialization at Michigan State University. But there are worse things than honouring the way Ruiz kept body and soul together in the minors for his 11th different organization and has homered six times in 20 games since he's come up. Blue Jays fans have glommed on to him, not in a "Johnny Mac can do no wrong" way as much as a "well, at least he isn't completely wasting our time like Kevin Millar" way.
It's September, and given the way 2009 has gone, cheering for the story is perfectly acceptable, even if, like winning a Triple-A MVP when you're 31, it presents a mixed message.
I can't blame the players if they'd want to employ some good old-fashioned union tactics instead of relying on backroom lawyers tricks, or if they'd want somebody willing to push back against Gary Bettman instead of just trying to find common ground.

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sales coach time warner cable

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