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Sales ConsultingGet the change and action you need for more sales E-LearningOnline sales and business training. I help companies and individuals sell more – especially in big ticket, business to business (B2B) sales. My specialism and background is in the fields of IT services, IT outsourcing, business process outsourcing and e-commerce. I do this with sales consulting, sales training and sales coaching to get to the root of problems and find pragmatic solutions.

Click the graphic below to view our 3 minute video to learn about this interactive process and tool. This is the foundational piece that all must have in terms of product presentation, value proposition articulation, coaching skills and confident communications. Every one of us is shaped by our unique characteristics, mannerisms and traits that define our personality.
It’s no secret that part of the value of live and in-person sales training is the opportunity to engage in discussion and practice the art of selling through real-life simulations and role play.

There are many tactics used to build and test the strength of Sales Managers within organizations. One of the most impassioned discussions I heard at Columbia University’s recent Sales Thought Leadership Conference surrounded the younger generation and how they communicate in the workplace.

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sales coaching plan

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