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Her high-level degree and training is downplayed slightly by placing the Education & Training section at the end of the resume.
Filed under Sales Customer Service Resume Samples and tagged Employment Gap, Functional Resume Samples, Short-Term Jobs. MCI contract - Initially began as a high volume project recruiting IT professionals in Pentagon City, VA.
LeFebure contract - This was Bill's first Talent Acquisition Contract Recruitment consultant project in manufacturing. The detective work required in sourcing the best candidates, the expertise required to determine the candidate who is the best fit, and the sales ability to close and deliver the best candidate all get the positive adrenalin flowing. Interviewed LIVE by Vinnie Politan on CNNa€™s Headline News show Making it in America on Jan.
As a nationally based Expert Contract Recruitment Consultant and Professional Speaker, Bill is a monthly regular on PCTV Mountain Morning Show discussing both the candidate and the corporate side of recruitment. As an expert talent acquisition contract recruitment consultant, Bill is in demand on college campuses since it is so difficult for new graduates to find the elusive few jobs out there. Bill presented "Secrets of a Successful Job Search" mini-workshop at the Student Services Building at the University of Utah Career Services Job Club. As a Human Capital Acquisition expert, Bill is a mentor for early stage startup companies as they prepare for their deal pitch to Venture Capitalists. He works nationally with clients headquartered in Silicon Valley, Washington, DC, Boston, and in the Midwest. RecruiterGuy was selected as the Salt Lake Corporate Recruitment Examiner and is writing a series of articles on Talent Acquisition Development based loosely on his successful Recruitment Strategy Development series of blogs. As a talent acquisition contract recruiter consultant, RecruiterGuy has been exposed to many industries. These innovations further demonstrate the value of using a seasoned Talent Acquisition Contract Recruiter consultant. Bill Humbert, a seasoned talent acquisition contract recruitment consultant, is one of three volunteer organizers of the Park City Career Network that meets every Monday except holidays.
Iowa City Area Development hosted "Dynamics of Your Job Search During a Recessiona€? at the Iowa City Library on February 8, 2011.
On Wednesday, April 20, ICAD invited Margie Peskin and me to present a€?Mastering Networking to Further Your Career: LinkedIn as a Social Media Toola€?. On Thursday, May 12,2011, IowaWORKS hosted Billa€™s presentation a€?Turn Hourly Positions into Great Opportunitiesa€? at their office in Cedar Rapids, IA.
As a known talent acquisition contract recruitment consultant, Bill is invited to conduct webinars. He also presented "What Qualities Companies are Looking for in Their Employees" at Transition Night at Marion High School in Marion, Iowa on March 5, 2007. Bill Humbert, a talent acquisition contract recruiter consultant, has been quoted in several articles in the Park Record since 2009 and was quoted in the April 20, 2008 Cedar Rapids Gazette Career Fair special section on how to conduct an online job search. The most important advantage of working with a talent acquisition contract recruiter consultant like Bill Humbert is the consulting that he offers while partnering with you. We have over 20 years of Internet talent acquisition contract recruitment consulting experience beginning with Bill Warren's Online Career Center (OCC). Our talent acquisition contract recruitment consulting experience has enabled us to develop successful recruitment strategies for many companies in different industries in most areas of the United States. Some companies may hire us for talent acquisition contract recruitment consulting simply for our recruitment abilities. Below we have a cover letter for a Retail Sales Manager with experience working for a premier electronics store.

This a good cold cover letter that can be sent to many retail shops even if they don’t have any job postings. The job seeker includes experience with retail sales, procedural development, inventory, cash receipts, customer service as well as hiring, training and supervision of employees.
The bullet points identify scope of work in terms of dealing with $15 million in annual sales. One of the most difficult aspects of a retail sales manager is finding, supervising and scheduling good employees. As a manager, you will realize that stores like to hire lower paid young adults and teens to work the register and help the customers.
Good employees lead to productivity and eventually allow the retail sales manager to employ tactics and strategies to improve store sales. Club Training is Europe's largest Personal Training Management Team and the UK's #1 choice for Personal Trainers looking for a career in fitness. We manage PT's in the leading freelance brands: GYMBOX, DW Fitness Clubs, Sports Direct Fitness Clubs, The Gym Works and The Gym Way. The support we offer is second to none, which is why we have grown to manage personal training in over 203 clubs and boast over 1,000 full time personal trainers. We have been assigned the important task of drafting the best Personal Trainers for our 8 key partners. The TRY-OUTS are 30 minute interviews which will allow you to see the club and find out more about the Club you are applying for, the support Club Training offers and whether you would like to officially apply for one the the remaining team places. We hold regular weekly TRY-OUTs at over 100 venues across the UK and we invite you to directly book yourself onto the next available date at one of these locations. Currently on contract with Acciona Windpower, a strong player in the Erection & Commissioning of wind towers followed by the operations and maintenance of Wind Farms. Notes are written that comment on recruitment issues for corporate talent acquisition, third party recruiters, and candidates (including students) - in other words, potentially most of the working population.
Have you developed a talent acquisition strategy to attract new employees as the economy heats up? We have conducted successful contract recruitment assignments in technology (hardware and software engineers), sales, marketing, finance, manufacturing (including LEAN continuous improvement), human resources, renewable energy (wind farm) construction, and IT (including JD Edwards ERP manager and analysts). Asking the right questions comes only from years of contract recruitment consulting experience in many different industries.
Let us demonstrate how to save thousands of recruitment dollars per year yet remain effective.
Other important pages include Our Approach, New Grads, Book Reviews, and Presentations offered to groups or conventions.
Anyone working in large or small retail stores will get some value from reviewing this document sample.
In this format, the cover letter isn’t responding to posted jobs online or classifieds. For that reason, retail sales is one of the most effective industries for sending cold cover letters.
So having a knack for finding, recruiting, mentoring and training good employees is certainly something that should be accentuated on the cover letter. This is even more important for smaller stores that don’t have branding or pricing power.
In most cases there are only 1 or 2 remaining spots on each team and we are looking for the best PTs to fill those spots. We recruit for 8 PT Teams and you can choose whose team you wish to TRY OUT for and see which team best suits you.

If you are unable to visit any of these venues we may be able to meet you at a preferred club subject to availability. This tells the employer that Sarah (not her real name) will be able to connect with her customers in the medical field. Truth is, she was trying to get a foothold in her new career as a doctor, which didn't work out.
You may want to read a€?Every Company Has a Recruiting Strategy (Some Just Dona€™t Know it)" How does your culture measure up to your competitors? Generally we are brought into a contract recruitment consulting assignment by either a strategic Human Resource Department that is a business partner or by the executives in a firm. This means that we deliver the best qualified full time employees to you in a manner that may be budgeted ahead and work with you to improve your recruitment processes and recruitment website. Many of these books were read as part of our continuing effort to improve as a contract recruitment firm.
Most stores are looking for good employees so don’t wait for a job posting before you send out a resume and cover letter.
If I were to write this resume for today's job market, I would create it in the combination format. She chose two of her best short-term jobs and put them together under one date range (2000-02), and then left the other temp jobs off her resume. Would it be beneficial for a Talent Acquisition Contract Recruiter Consultant to examine your culture, your recruitment processes, and recruit for you? Another advantage of working this way is that there is no additional charge, no matter the number of hours worked, the number of candidates hired, or recruitment improvement impacts made. However, wouldna€™t it be nice to take advantage of improving your recruitment and recruitment processes with someone who has successfully worked with firms in many different industries, from start-up to large corporations, and in many different economies across the nation?
This is important because with such a small client list, we may contractually and ethically recruit virtually out of any company for you, including your competitors. However, in order to be really effective attracting and delivering Impact Performers, we spend the time needed to direct source and find and deliver the passive candidates. Using a combination of direct sourcing techniques and AIRS Internet search techniques, we work with you to deliver the best qualified candidates.
If you have had success improving sales, then you need to include this information on the cover letter. Subsequent posts were titled: "The Best Qualified Candidate Rarely Gets Hired" (recently updated), "Do You REALLY Want to be Happy at Your Next Job?", and Does Age Discrimination Really Exist?" Several months ago the Blog was "Let's Go Find the Wrong Person!"" Beginning the week of June 15, 2009, RecruiterGuy developed a series of blogs for companies on Recruitment Strategy Development - the reasons why and how to go about creating a recruitment strategy. 11, 2011, The Saint Josepha€™s College of Maine hosted Bill at the Harold Alfond Center on campus in Standish, ME. He has helped companies attract CEOa€™s, CFOa€™s, CIO, Vice Presidents in Corporate Counsel, Software, Internal Audit, and Sales. Bullet points work very well or you can include this information in the 2nd or 3rd paragraph after the introductory statement. 20, 2006 Bill spoke to a business class at his High School alma mater, DeMatha Catholic High School in Hyattsville, MD.
On March 6, 2006, Bill Humbert, a talent acquisition Contract Recruiter, presented at the Marion High School and Linn-Mar High School Transition Night. The workshop included covering all phases of a successful job search including the topics of effective networking, goal setting, company research, resume development, etc.

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