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The STAR program encompasses both a training dimension (sales techniques) and a management process dimension (sales forces management). Key performance indicators (KPIs) enable pharmaceutical companies to track the level and evolution of performance. The STAR program, through the systematic application of sales techniques, has a positive impact on the efficiency and efficacy of detailing.
If you have sales questions or sales strategies you'd like to discuss, please fill in the form below. The challenging global economy, change in consumer buying habits and the shift towards customer-centric selling, has made sales a very challenging profession. Experimenting with different ideas and learning from trial and error is a proven way to improve. But the reality is that to get really good, you need to clock up a lot of practice – and that can take time. Experience counts for a lot, but if you depend upon what you know, your learning is going to be limited by the opportunities and situations that you encounter on a day to day basis.
The good news is that you can instantly broaden your experience by studying the tools and techniques revealed in top-notch books.
As a result, you may find that 10,000 hours is no longer needed to achieve the success you desire. Fundamentally, sales is about persuasion – and in this internet driven age, you can’t woo customers with credentials and statistics about how “amazing” your products and services are. Research suggests that customers find it much harder than businesses to differentiate between the competition. By discovering what’s working NOW, you can become a key person in your business as well as a trusted partner to your customers.

To succeed in sales, it’s not all about the knowledge you have of sales tools and sales techniques.
In addition, successful sales reps develop the personal strength to push through the procrastination, fear and uncertainty that are inherent within the sales profession.
Reading books can be a quick and easy way to identify the personal skills necessary to make it in sales. In recent years there has been some valuable research and studies into sales techniques, behaviours and strategies. Over the next few weeks check back to this blog and you’ll discover a quick synopsis of five of the most influential sales books I’ve read recently. About Latest Posts Follow meRichard YoungManaging Director UK & Ireland at Pipelinersales Inc.Richard helped introduce CRM to the UK back in the '90s. We understand the power of the entrepreneurial personality, and we’re building worktools that capitalize on the way salespeople make decisions and create processes to help you do your job more efficiently and productively. CommentsLeah on 5 Sales Lessons from Taylor…James, What a great and easy to read article! The STAR Program can bring tangible results for sales reps in terms of their own performance and therefore, more broadly, that of pharmaceutical companies. As such, each message has a stronger impact and the overall performance improvement is noticeable. They did have a higher-end model that addressed my issue, which she could have suggested, but she said nothing. Not only can you hone your skills, but you can also identify and scrap the stuff that doesn’t work in your sales pipeline. In fact, some experts argue that to master a skill, you need to accumulate 10,000 hours of practice.

Not only will you get inspired to try new stuff, you can also improve on what you’re currently doing, as well as discovering state of the art thinking. In addition, you can’t annoy someone into buying who doesn’t recognise they have a need in the first place. From developing resilience, confidence and the motivation and determination to press on, the right books can reveal proven tactics to ensure you are successful.
With this wealth of knowledge, Richard helps organizations with their CRM and sales management processes in a practical and efficient manner. This…Mike Kunkle on Dump Your CRM (for DRM)Hey Brad, thanks for the cogent comment and support.
Given that basic sales skills could have turned this sale around, a little sales training could have made the difference between profit and certain loss.
But as you’ve probably experienced, this approach misses the point of what a skilled salesperson can achieve. After all, if you can make the right connections, build trust and provide solutions, instead of being seen as a pushy salesperson, you can be embraced as a trusted associate who is in a position to deliver results.
This was evidenced as during the process of securing a replacement, I changed my mind and asked for a refund. Had she reminded me how fun the product is and how much I would enjoy the benefits, she probably could have turned the sale around.

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