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We love helping Small & Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs) and entrepreneurs develop sales processes and strategies. Sadly, while most companies are pretty good at what they do, they view sales as a necessary evil. Part of our process when we work with you as a client is to do a complete audit of your sales processes, including sales flow, sales funnel, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), scripting, lead nurturing, proposal creation, negotiation and closing.
We will help you define a sales process that relies on high-integrity sales techniques and processes that put your clients first while creating win-win opportunities. It starts with understanding your customers and truly understanding how to solve your customer’s problems. The biggest challenge facing most companies is how to align sales efforts with sales process and automation. And, finally, we work with you to automate marketing to ensure you are staying “top of mind” with your customers so you don’t lose out on opportunities simply because your prospects forgot about you!
By Adarsh ThampyEveryone wants to start a business and increase sales as their business grows. In this article, I will list out 25 of the most effective sales techniques anyone can implement in their business to increase sales and make more profits.
A few years back, when you had a product or service to sell what did you do to get the word out?
Fast forward to present day, people are no longer paying attention to the thousands of marketing messages that they come across each and every single day.
People who embrace relationship marketing, has already understood the power of content marketing.
Many people who run online businesses give 100% commission to their affiliates on their product.
If there is already a product or a solution, try to think of a better way to satisfy the needs of the customer. High price can provide a sense of “high quality” since people have a deep rooted notion that higher the price, better the quality.
Only if your product lives up to its claims will people return to buy from you the next time. It’s proven time and again that giving away free samples to your customers can help you increase sales. Once your prospective customer starts using your product or service, they will have increased confidence over their purchasing decision.
If it looks like a school going kid made the cover I am almost certainly not going to buy that product. Always choose a product name your customer can pronounce easily and can remember without jumping through hoops. Do you think people who are not familiar with the car brand Chevrolet will correctly write it down if we simply pronounce it (Phonetic Pronunciation: shehv-ruh-LAY) and not spell it? If you plan to stick around with your business for a very long time, any compromise on quality will never get you even remotely close to your goals. In the information publishing business, you can expect to give up to 75 % of the commission to the affiliates. If you sell a service or a software, figure out the maximum commission you can afford to pay your affiliates while not incurring a loss. This strategy to make more sales will help you price the two different products competitively as well as make more money through upsells or cross promoting the products to the two buyer lists you have.
The reason why you should be listening to your customer to make more sales is because it helps you learn the customer’s language.
If you are selling a book online about “making money online”, make sure that you have something to differentiate yourself from the rest of the people out there.
If you have an email list of people who have subscribed for information from you, try selling them your product at a discounted price. How many millionaires do you know who have become wealthy by investing in savings accounts?
I recently went to a new doctor and noticed he was located in something called the Professional Building.
In case of delayed payments, it must never occur to your employees that you are purposefully delaying payments. Provide incentive to your sales team and you’ll see that your sales will mostly increase after setting up the incentive. If your business is web based, then make sure you use conversion optimization techniques to test and find out the most effective way to close the sale. When I do consulting, if there are small jobs like helping customers with some technical aspects of their website, I do it for them without charging anything extra.
About Adarsh ThampyAdarsh Thampy is a digital marketer, speaker, and startup guy with close to a decade of hands-on marketing experience.
For FMCG, if you are looking to increase sales, I’d go with cutting down the options you give to consumers. If you are thinking about online reach, then you could do Facebook marketing, offer coupons and deals.
Currently, I am putting items on promotions at the sale point & the shelves with the price tags showing its reduced prices.
I am also worry about the price game, since they only buy our cheapest products and sell them to some third world countries, seems they do not want to buy our high quality products. What other strategies would you use to promote your products around the world except advertising or build production centers? In your case the best thing to do is to start looking for other re-sellers that will value your product and want to sell it.
The ideas mentioned in above context are good but found effective mostly for FMCG goods or alike.Would you please suggest ideas to increase sales of industrial products having Niche market. But how can you keep your sales goes up and price keep strong ?Especially the world economy is at the stage of slow recovery and still faced with numerous uncertain factors now.
I read your blog and its really interested, full of knowledge, very helpful for people like us who dont have that much experience. I want to increase my sale of my computer assessaries Product Like laptop battery,laptop charger And other laptop assessories but our Price is high the my compititer then sussest me how can i sale out it . We feel that aggressively talking about the features of a product will awe the customer and leads to a sale. The bottom line is that people buy things from you because they like you, you speak the truth, you understand them and are sensitive to what they are looking for, not because you got a great spiel.
Linda you are right,clients are not interested with the features of what you offer but rather the benefits they will get from the service we offer.
B2B sales forecasting is tricky because most B2B companies lack the large sales volumes required by statistical forecasting techniques.

As a consequence, B2B companies that care about their forecasts usually choose one of two methods with notable drawbacks. I would like to suggest 3 “reality checks” for closing dates, which should improve your sales forecasts significantly. Forecast categories are immune to bad closing probabilities, but the weighted pipeline is very exposed.
There are very effective forecasting methods that apply to the B2B sales process and don’t require as much data as “traditional” statistics. Digging into your sales database that way is quite technical, but here again SalesClic can help. If someone knocked on your door asking you to buy something, how quickly would you shut the door? LinkedIn has over 200 million people available to connect with, and it is quickly replacing cold calling.
Why take up space and resources for marketing and sales files when you can just keep it on the cloud? Unless you are in the same city, sales teams rarely struggle with the question of where to meet for a sales call anymore. Networking is an essential component of sales, but it’s no longer entirely necessary to invest in networking events as a similar outcome can be achieved through online networking. The Web Success Team is proud to sponsor ans support: Save poor Children in Asia Organization, (SCAO). The freight broker business is overrun with sales people who are using some really bad sales techniques. It is so easy to simply jump right into selling your services before you know your clients needs. Using that valuable time when you first get in front of a client to talk about yourself or your company is a travesty. Bring them new ideas by use of diligent listening, problem solving skills and application of lessons learned from similar industries.
The sale has not been finalized until a load is tendered, warning signs are still in the client’s head.
Likewise, most organizations don’t have effective sales processes in place to stay top-of-mind with their prospects and they are missing out on opportunities!
How about a free consultation on how to immediately increase sales by 23% and a free webinar on “Creating winning sales proposals”? You tried press releases, television ads, paper ads, cold calls, banner ads, display hoardings and any other means you could afford.
With internet usage on the rise and people becoming more aware, all of these traditional marketing approaches are weakening day-by-day. As compared to traditional methods of marketing, content marketing means getting found by prospective customers rather than trying to push your product or service to the uninterested masses. Although it takes time, it’s what works very well now, and probably the only marketing technique that will work in the future.
How many times have you ordered fries just because the sales guy asked you “would you like fries to go along with it?” or perhaps you were given a discount on something when you already made a purchase? Once they buy from you and are in a buying mood, it’s easier to close an additional and related sale. Once people buy this product, they are presented with an additional high end product as an upsell.
However, if you price it insanely high compared to your competitor, you are going to find it hard to make decent sales (unless you are Apple). What the marketer does not take into consideration is that customers do not like to be deceived or being sold to.
Make use of the advertising medium that best suits your product and the time it is released. If you have a line of products, ensure that you give each product to a different agency and do a split test on who can produce the maximum benefits.
Take extra care to name the products in such a way that the name itself gives out the product details. The minimum you have to do is make sure people can write it down correctly if you just pronounce it. If your customer loses the trust on your brand, your business will collapse like a pack of cards. But, if needed increase the price and serve the same quality rather than producing a low quality product. It could be that they are getting better pricing from your competing brand or that they do not see a reason as to why they should push your product. If you give them lower commissions, they will promote your competitor who offers them a better compensation.
If you concentrate on one particular product then the risk of MNC’s coming and replacing you is huge. If you have field staff and you need to make the most of them, it is necessary that you have a range of products to sell. Once you start interacting with them and understand their problems, you will learn to convey your product marketing message in a language your customer understands. Never try to spend your business income for unnecessary things (Do you really need a new couch or a fancy office?).
When required, make sure that you recruit people who can align themselves with your values and business goals. You must make sure that they are well versed with answers to any questions your prospective customers might ask. If you have a great team, not only will you products be great, but your team will find and solve issues faster and innovate easier. They market their product, sell to their customers, and then no news from their support team. If you have no incentives, then when most people reach their sales quote, they won’t try to sell any more.
It can be anything from getting featured for the month on your company website or extra pay.
Experiment with your ad copy, your price points, your website structure, promotions you are running and so on. Quick question – how do you eliminate commoditization when you are trying to build a brand and keep your prices in a down economy? But if you are dealing with some middleman or reseller, what will you do to boost your sales volume? If that’s not an option, try talking with your current resellers and try to understand the bottleneck they are facing.

It seems to me that your current middleman does not know well your product and care only about making some bucks from it in short term – he does not think about developing further markets and having strong presence in long run. Your customers would be happy to buy from you as long as you can deliver on your promise (you should over deliver actually).
Sales reps must understand where they are and what they should do based on their prospect’s buying process. Be careful with validation rules though, as they can be quite cumbersome for sales reps handling tens of opportunities. This is a serious issue: respondents to CSO Insights’ 2011 Sales Performance Optimization Survey typically indicated that fewer than half their sales opportunities closed in the time frame predicted.
Our research shows that at any given time, 30% of the opportunities in B2B sales pipelines have outdated closing dates.
Both SalesClic research and Sales Benchmark Index research shows that on average, it takes twice as long to lose an opportunity than to win an opportunity. You know your sales process: the requirements for each pipeline stage and the time they usually take.
Copious research in behavioral economics has established that humans are bad at assessing probabilities, which regardless of the politics involved explains why weighted sales pipelines are frequently biased. I don’t necessarily recommend that you drop decomposed closing probabilities altogether if you are using them (as a “forecast accounting” tool they can be interesting), but at a minimum that you combine them with alternative, ideally data-based methods. True, as a B2B company you probably don’t have enough closes per year to feed statistical forecasting models (you would need thousands). We have measured that our data-based forecast improve forecast accuracy by an average 35-50%!
Long gone are the days of door-to-door sales, and just as selling face-to-face is becoming a thing of the past, many other aspects of sales are changing with the digital times. So much less invasive and much more common today, on LinkedIn one simply sends an introduction message to a connection, or connects with a company they consider a prospect.
Filing cabinets are replaced by Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive, Skydrive and countless others. That fun contact card filled directory on your desk has long been replaced by various forms of online contact directories. In person networking is replaced by social media networking like Facebook Groups, G+ Communities and TwitterChats. And although it’s a bit sad that face-to-face meetings are disappearing, it is helping to save small business owners some significant expenses.
A Cambodian non-profit, non-government organization that educates, offers community service and child care.
Selling to a generalized or generic transportation solution will only serve to lower your client’s expectations and make you more of a commodity. If a sales person is slow to respond before a sale is made, a client will be thinking how long will it take him to respond after the sale? Is there some product already in the market that delivers the solution to your prospective customer?
You can even bring about a twist in the actual offering to make your product more attractive. Radio, television, print and internet are some of the mediums you can rely upon to advertise your business. Once you test your product, reach out to your customers and ensure that they can buy the products with ease. The simple touch interface, sleek and highly usable design made Apple the most valued Tech Company that it is today. So make sure you pay 50-75 % commissions for your info products to increase sales through affiliates.
If you have a SEO company for example, it is easier to rope in US or UK clients if you have an office in the US or UK. You won’t make enough profits to pay a decent wage to your field staff if you concentrate on just one product. Maybe the pencil has additional features such as higher resistance to the writing lead breakage or a comfortable grip or something like that. If you can’t make sales locally, there is not much chance that you will make huge sales on an international level. Use your business income to fuel the R&D process and not withdraw a huge salary for yourself.
If you try to portray yourself as the boss and others as workers, it may affect their morale.
Employee people local to the place whenever possible and if you have outstation employees support them as much as you can.
Do not forget the fact that word of mouth is still the best mode of establishing a brand and increasing sales. I sold off all my other blogs to focus on my core competency- Search & content marketing. To help them, I recommend defining and writing down, for each stage of your sales process, the required milestones and the recommended collaterals. You don’t want them to degrade data quality, with sales reps omitting to update their pipeline because of “fastidious” clicks.
The reason is simple: the opportunities that are eventually lost tend to stagnate a lot before that, which is why you must spot them as early as possible in your pipeline. For a given opportunity, start from your closing date and back-pedal through your sales process to the current stage of that opportunity. This form of connection is a little easier to ignore than a cold call, but most of us are happy to see this trend.
Now there are even apps out there to help you categorize and maintain your contacts like Brewster or Addappt. Try asking the client about his company and their needs instead of talking about yourself or company. This way you can build a long lasting relationship with your dealers and they will push your products more. If you cannot provide the service as described, never hesitate to make a refund (If possible, a no questions asked refund).
So I recommend that validation rules be used sparingly, for really important requirements, like contractual documentation or compliance procedures.

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