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Be cognizant of these three elements every time you speak to a prospect, and you’ll increase sales. Every salesperson should have at least a rudimentary grasp on how to use body language to support your sale. To learn more, join me in San Francisco at the Sales 2.0 Conference on Monday and Tuesday, April 2 and 3.
PGi has been a leading global provider of collaboration software and services for over 20 years. How many times have you seen an email and thought to yourself – what was this person thinking? In contrast, a good subject line peaks interest, gets a prospect’s attention, and most importantly gets the emailed opened. I don’t know about you, but I feel pretty good when a company addresses me by my full name followed by my company name. Of course, depending on the relationship with your prospect or client, as well as your industry, the subject line will need to be adjusted accordingly. Motivational Sales TrainingThe following clip from Glengarry Glen Ross is a classic, and a must for sales training. If you have sales questions or sales strategies you'd like to discuss, please fill in the form below.
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To ensure maintain the quality of the Master Class, enrolment is capped at 25 participants per session.Registrations are processed on a first-come, first-served basis.
Selling isn't about convincing and persuading - it's about understanding what your sales prospect needs and wants and helping him to get it. Every sales professional through experience and training should develop their individual sales “style” that allow them to set them apart from their peers A well Structured Selling techniques emphasis on identifying a salesperson's preferred selling style, and then working to increase selling style flexibility. This 2 Day Proprietary Selling & Negotiation Workshop (SNW) is a practical approach to the improvement of the selling and relationship building process. Lorraine has had extensive local and regional experience in various capacities in the field of Presentation and Communication Skills, and its applications in various communications-related situations, like Negotiation Skills and Customer Service.

Lorraine's style of training is highly interactive, humorous and inclusive, encouraging participants to draw learning points from the sessions. The trainer will get some initial feedback on the nature of the industry so as to re-create a more authentic environment for the case study. As conversations progressed and rapport was established, the participants began to coordinate movements such as blinking, hand motions, and head nods. PGi's cloud-based software applications empower business users to connect, collaborate and share ideas and information from their desktop, tablet or smartphone, enabling greater productivity in the office or on the go. The body of the message is usually disastrous, but the most serious and most often overlooked email blunder is a weak subject line.
Just as the title of this article got your interest enough to read it, we need to make sure our subject line sends a message all by itself. Avoid writing “our products” and “we are the leading so-and-so.” Your client doesn’t care – seriously! While it's hilariously funny, it has so much to teach us Continue ReadingZig Ziglar PassesZig Ziglar passed away today - November 28, 2012. Effective Sales techniques are critical survival skills for sales and marketing professionals.
Participants in this Selling Skills program learn selling tips to vary their selling style to fit the specific customer and sales situation.
She is an experienced speaker and trainer, facilitating presentation skills training for both the public and private sectors. With dynamic training strategies, she hopes to instil the love for learning in the participants and to facilitate rich learning experiences for them. But when you limit communication with prospects to email and telephone, you miss out on one of the most important aspects of closing the sale: nonverbal communication. While we often think of PowerPoint and “decks”, or presenting in front of a group of prospects, sometimes the most basic tools get overlooked. Too often the subject line is: “Follow up,” “Hi,” “materials attached,” “opportunity,” or “your own company’s name”. What you put after the prospects full name and company should be something that summarizes your email message. Lorraine has been one of the core Communications Skills trainers specialising in Presentation Skills and Public Speaking for Civil Service College, and training for MINDEF for the past 15 years.

They will take turns to do role plays, posing as clients, or the sales people, or they will take on the role of observers who will give evaluations on the sales process.
Mirroring and matching is the process of entering your prospect’s world and matching your mind with theirs during conversation.
Moreover, you’ve also increased the likelihood of getting your email opened even if it goes to spam.
She has also trained for various organisations in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Macau, China and has had a lot of experience training multi-cultural staff in these countries.
The trainer will facilitate the whole experience, drawing out learning points from the participants. This sends the nonverbal message that you’re in tune with their state of mind, and helps establish rapport. That means making eye contact with your camera, relaxing your shoulders, and bringing your hands into view to emphasize certain points. Putting your prospects name (correctly spelled) in the subject line acts like a flashing light even among hundreds of spam emails. Take the time to create a good subject line and you’ll maximize the chances of your email being opened. When I was struggling in sales I was listening to a CD series from Continue ReadingSales Training – What Do We Expect?When we think of Sales Training, what comes to mind?
In Singapore, she has not only trained local companies, but Japanese MNCs, and other expatriates, which gives her a unique experience in dealing and training in multi-cultural settings. Essentially, you need to translate all of those body language techniques into the area from the shoulders up.
As Susan RoAne says, these meetings can be even more powerful than in-person meetings because you can use technology to focus in on the most important source of nonverbal communication: the face.

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