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Explain how to fill out the sheet and that the more accurate and honest they can be about how they manage their time, the more they will get out of next week's sales meeting. You may also want to offer additional copies throughout the week, in case participants run out of recording space. Directly after the welcome and objectives review, ask participants to take out their time logs and take any questions, issues or first impressions of how this activity went for them over the week.

Basic stuff we know, but what percentage of your sales force has read this book and how many are practicing the habits?Junior reps, in particular, are good at being busy, however they are not always productive. What does priority number five mean to them, as compared to items that were priority number one? Put First Things First, offer the following important and useful tool for being productive: the time management matrix.

Now we're sharing it with you.DOWNLOAD NOW Learn about sales recruiting in our blog…Sales Management.

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sales time management strategy

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