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For clients who come to us because they want to change, the size-four bikini body is likely the only way they know how to define their goal due to society’s expectations. One of the greatest lessons I learned while working on a political campaign is that it’s much easier to change someone’s acceptance of facts than it is to change their feelings about an issue they care about. If someone wants to change how they look on the outside, they can grab a magazine, lift some weights, buy new clothes, put on makeup and do their hair.
Using the OARS method, as well as applications listed below, personal trainers need to move the conversations forward. The future of fitness professionals is much more than a certification or exercise science degree. Being overly concerned with a script results in thinking more about what question is next than actually listening to the answer to the first question. You want to see your client nodding in agreement as you summarize answers in building the next question and gaining the next commitment.
For general population clients, as opposed to sports performance clients, you’re being hired for your ability to influence behaviors as much as your ability to prescribe an exercise program.
Follow the process of open-ended questions, affirmations, reflection listening, and summaries in order to continue to assess readiness for change and to progress your clients to larger commitments. By allowing your clients to take some ownership of their commitments, you increase the likelihood of sustaining them for a lifetime.
In addition to your reports, you’ll also get FREE access to the PTDC newsletter, which you'll receive 2-3 times a week. Moontide Consulting has launched a new online training course designed to improve retail sales results. Shane Gibson is a Vancouver-based International Speaker, author and Global Entrepreneur who has addressed several thousand people over the past thirteen years on stages in North America, Southern Africa and South America.
Shane is the author of Closing Bigger the Field Guide to Closing Bigger Deals and President of Knowledge Brokers International Systems Ltd.

Saying that someone is in the high-tech sector or industry is somewhat ambiguous in this era, as most organizations harness technology to make their businesses run.
We have to realize that there are often many types of people that are involved in the procurement of high tech solutions. Most people are comfortable communicating with one or two of these types of stakeholder groups. We need to find out if their goal is a memory or a dream for them and what feelings surround it. Feelings of happiness, confidence, and significance are felt for a lifetime, and it’s our job to capitalize on those feelings. But if they want to change their lives, how they feel about themselves and the world, it takes a team.
Refine your critical thinking skills and assess those skills when interviewing trainers to join your team. Instead, spend 10 minutes asking nothing but open-ended questions, questions that don’t end in a yes or no, with a partner or small group.
Practice this with a partner and don’t speak for five minutes after you ask a question. She has eliminated the word, "success" from her vocabulary and replaced it with "significant," measured by lives changed.
He is quickly becoming known as one of Canada’s foremost speakers on the topic of sales performance. Many of the solutions are literally invisible—they run in the background and the majority of people are oblivious that they even exist. Everything from engineering solutions, to cars, cell phones, and legal services use technology as part of their offerings to the marketplace. They will not want to get bogged down in details and specifics and should not be asked questions related to those specifics.

Great salespeople in this sector have a strategy to address the needs of each of these groups, and they communicate the benefits in a way that is unique and applicable to each buyer type. We need to understand the unique circumstances, competitive environment, and business processes of our target market.
The process has four steps, known as OARS: Open-ended questions, Affirmations, Reflective listening and Summaries. But if we can discover how the client wants to feel, feelings will sell much better than facts. Changing how a client feels cannot be achieved by following a magazine workout or by fumbling through a circuit. Read daily, ask your clients for feedback, listen, and continuously adapt the training program to the client. Follow up each answer with an affirmation to be sure the answer is understood by all parties. Wherever she is, Christine makes time to read, write, move, and talk to strangers who quickly become friends. Shane divides his time between his entrepreneurial projects, speaking at major conferences and mentoring salespeople and entrepreneurs. So even if you do not consider yourself to be “in technology,” you will most likely be selling solutions that involve technology now or in the future. Helping the client understand that on day one is the key to a successful and sustainable relationship.
Often, the speaker is relieved to have the uninterrupted time to speak his or her thoughts aloud.

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