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A number of years ago two highly successful sales and marketing professionals Duncan Steel and Dr Roger Brooksbank had a vision to provide sales training that was practical and effective - it actually improved sales performance.
Sales Training - we offer a range of options individually designed to meet the needs of the client. Sales Coaching - intensive, practical and individual to increase sales ability and confidence. Training Performance - The effectiveness of training is down to the ability of the trainer, therefore we only recruit tutors with practical, real life experience in sales.
Improving sales performance through practical training - Our focus is to ensure that our class room based training is practical and effective, and as such our training programmes should have a positive impact on performance. Over the years, my passion in professional selling has developed internationally in the UK and Australasia.
I have been privileged to work for some great companies including GE Capital and Goldman Sachs. Presently, I work closely with clients including service providers, manufacturing and development industries, Chambers of Commerce and franchised entities to develop sales strategies, implement change and train sales people. Over the years, I have become internationally known as an author, trainer and speaker in my specialist areas of strategic marketing planning, business promotion, entrepreneurship and professional selling. In the UK, I have previous experience as a salesperson, sales manager, marketing director and business owner, and I have also worked extensively in Europe and Australasia as an independent marketing consultant. Currently, I am an associate professor of marketing with the prestigious University of Waikato Management School in Hamilton, New Zealand. One of the world's most respected design, engineering and project management consultancies, share their full story of achieving sales excellence through a SPIN® implementation project to 400 people. How often can you actually prove, in hard financial terms, that investment in training has been repaid?
Our latest global negotiation research report investigates whether people easily recognise what effective negotiation tactics and behaviours look like. We trained over 14,000 people last year alone, and when surveyed every one of our clients said they'd recommend us. We like to take a collaborative approach in support of the service we give to our clients, our continuing research, and both charitable and academic organisations.
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You are going to have to invest in yourself and you must do so where you can guarantee yourself a good return. Studies show that the average person forgets 90 percent of what they hear in a lecture based training program.

Using our training programs, sales tool generators, and exercise workbooks, you will not only learn the theory, you will also put it into pratice on a daily basis to achieve greater sales success.
Sales Training Materials a€“ The materials are based on over 50 years of successful B2B sales and sales management expertise.
Practical Application Exercises a€“ We dona€™t just talk about sales theory, we actually give you useable sales tools that will make your life easier and help you to sell more.
Ongoing One on One coaching a€“ You will have ongoing access to our qualified trainers for support via email and Skype. Because of the successes of our trainees in the past, we are confident we can help you achieve your sales potential.
Please feel free to browse our Sales Resource Centre to access free sales resources that will show you samples of our sales training. Sales training programs must be more than just time out of the field, they must actually produce results! After your training is completed, you can submit your Accreditation Exams to B2B Sales Connections for review.
Not only will achieve greater sales success by completing this course, you will also have earned a designation that proves you truly are a trained B2B sales professional with the right skills for you and your employer to succeed. All sales professionals who are B2B Sales Connections Accredited and are using Career Connections in their career search, will be highlited as such when their profiles are submitted to potential employers.
Although self study programs are often the least expensive method of training, many people are hesitant to try it. The Personalized System of Instruction (PSI) developed by Fred Keller is a program of self study modules where the participants learn at their own pace, and then are tested after each module. Not only can our action based self study programs be the least expensive way to train, they can also be the most effective way.
B2B Sales Connections guarantees that if you or a member of your sales team completes one of our a€?Action Plana€? series sales training courses as instructed, performance will improve.
One of the biggest errors that are made by sales managers is failing to set realistic and achievable sales targets for their salespeople. As mentioned before, a salesperson needs to be coached well to perform to their highest level so targets can be reached, however, there are other factors which are out of their control that you must consider in your performance review. You shouldn’t just consider the impact of the wider economy, but more narrowly, the plight of the organisation itself. Does the business work within volatile, or seasonal, markets? Do you have strong numbers of recurring customers? For more information about sales training, you can get our Kindle book, Sales Transformation System from Amazon here. He has a career in business development and management spanning twenty five years during which time he has been a top performing director , established and run courses on sales and management within the many varied business sectors and trained at a number of top management colleges.

He specialises in business development and Management training and coaching to a wide variety of Different Sectors. He is a authorized sales consultant for infoteam a widely respected Business management sale process and methodology.
Today, SalesTrainingIQ works hard to be the best at what we do: designing and delivering cost effective sales training, coaching and consultancy.
All of our courses are tailored to your specific requirements so that the effects of the training are maximised.
As Head of Business Development for ANZ Banking, I delivered sales training for the whole group. Whether you are selling, buying, account managing or simply trying to get through a day’s work with your colleagues – you are almost certain to spend some time negotiating. Urgo Medical share how their project with Huthwaite achieved measurable results, and the impact.
Using our unique action based sales training techniques, B2B Sales Connections has created proven, turn key programs that will improve your skills so that you can achieve your true sales potential, guaranteed. There are many factors you have to consider and today, and through the next two blog posts, we will outline 6 critical areas that must be considered when setting any target, as part of our sales training recommendations. This means that for in-house programmes we design bespoke course material to meet your unique requirements. Selling is a skill that can be learned; and you already have the people inside your company who can make you successful – if they learn to do it right.
Many factors, as we mention below, can change what is realistic for a salesperson to achieve. After taking these factors into account, you can then assess the sales rep’s ability to adapt to the changing environment. Did they still manage to reach their targets in worsening economic conditions, or perhaps they failed to meet them even in good times?
Rolling forecasts based on known recent economic conditions and regularly intervals for performance reviews will yield far greater results both in performance and accurate targets.

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