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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. The training of an organization's sales force -- particularly in the pharmaceutical sector -- is one of the critical steps companies must take to succeed in a competitive marketplace.
Critical Path Strategies' client-customized sales training provides the practical processes, strategies, and skills needed to sell the value of your solution throughout the sales cycle, and increase sales effectiveness at all levels of your organization. Our sales methodology and analytical tools are incorporated into a disciplined, how-to sales process that encourages internal collaboration on sales opportunities and generates customer-focused sales strategies. Your ability to negotiate influences whether you move from one sales stage to the next, the price, the terms, the contract, the close.
The ability to effectively manage the sales pipeline is paramount to the company's financial success and how it is perceived both within its own organization and in the capital markets. Critical Path Strategies has sharpened the skills of selling professionals in different companies, industries, geographies, and cultures.
You ask your sales teams to strategically manage their customers and opportunities in a way that optimizes their competitive position, achieves their desired productivity, and maximizes their return on investment. Too often, salespeople don't formulate how they want to talk to a customer or what message they want to convey until they're standing in front of the customer--not the most optimum time to formulate a value proposition or sales strategy. Following on from our previous blog post, today we look at a few more areas that could help increase the impact of sales coaching and training within your department.
Make sure that training is not just implemented but also shows real results to demonstrate to your sales team of its effectiveness.
Get approval from senior management to establish some ground rules in terms of promotions and rewards for your sales team. To discover more of our sales coaching advice, you can now purchase our Kindle book, the Sales Transformation System from Amazon. He has a career in business development and management spanning twenty five years during which time he has been a top performing director , established and run courses on sales and management within the many varied business sectors and trained at a number of top management colleges. He specialises in business development and Management training and coaching to a wide variety of Different Sectors. He is a authorized sales consultant for infoteam a widely respected Business management sale process and methodology. First-to-Market: count5 introduced Cut Thru technology for Knowledge Retention, Change Management and Priority Communications back in 2004. Organizations find sales training to be an important requirement to achieve business objectives which is confirmed by a recent report released by Aberdeen group.

In this day where content becomes outdated and irrelevant much faster, what are the best methods to impart useful and effective knowledge to your mobile sales force? The only solution to this problem is that if sales people cannot come to training room, training needs to be taken to the sales people. From our experience we have noticed that organizations generally stop at the first stage and as a result their eLearning implementation does not meet the expected results.
Its not just competition and customer-savviness, there’s also the fact that the economy is down and that people are more reluctant to buy. By Scott Gruher, Sales Benchmark Index (SBI)Each sales role should have a cadence that defines which activities should be performed on a daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly basis. CPS equips your sales teams to have the right value conversation with the right set of customers at the right time in a language that your customers speak.
Sales teams leave working sessions armed with executable strategies and action plans for specific accounts that can be implemented immediately. But few salespeople understand the discipline and tactics necessary to successfully reach joint agreements and advance the sale.
But too often, sales leaders only engage in pipeline management in the latter stages of the sale.
Our professional sales training emphasizes account vision, team collaboration, effective communications, sales call preparation, and financial selling.
How do you best manage and maximize the value of the portfolio of solutions and services under your responsibility? Sales playbooks capture and document for your entire selling organization what your best salespeople do to qualify, advance, and win deals.
To ensure that they perceive value and benefit from each interaction with your salespeople, conversations with them must be oriented toward their business issues first.
So how do you guide your selling organization in managing accounts to ensure that a balanced approach is taken to drive revenue, build relationships with customers, and address customers' ongoing satisfaction? It is important through emails, newsletters and meetings that you share success stories and best practices in order for your team to be reminded of the importance of the training and that progress is clearing being made.
As mentioned in our previous blog post, having a long term strategic plan which includs planned follow up meetings with training participants is crucial. Those who have worked hard at utilising new training methods and adopting new approaches and behaviours that boost their performance, should be the first to be rewarded. On one side they have to keep up to the caliber of an increasingly well-informed and savvy customer.

However, the key challenge in developing sales people is taking them away from the field for training purposes. Thanks to the multitude of technological options available today, it is not just simple but cost-effective. Once this is done you need to make it compatible for multiple devices and then launch it on your company’s internet or LMS. The next stage is to create a buzz about the courses internally by pushing information to sales people’s mobile devices. Sales people being action oriented and hands-on people will easily embrace technology enabled learning – be it mobile learning or eLearning as long as the learning helps them in achieving their targets. Training in new techniques seems to be the only way to combat these issues, as sales people nowadays have to give their leads more trust and confidence signals than ever before. The study identifies successful training venues, technologies, organizational structures, delivery approaches, performance measurement processes, and resource levels that drive effectiveness in high-performing Sales Training organizations. Sales Training leaders can use the metrics and insights in this study to evaluate and compare the performance of their Sales Training organizations. Using real-world case studies and multiple role-plays, this workshop gives you a step-by-step guide to effective negotiation and desired outcomes. Understanding the strategic environment and executive personality will help your salespeople find the highest-value linkages, and communicate it in a language that executives speak. Showing that it is beneficial and worthwhile will help motivate your sales reps to persist with new training methods and adopt new behaviours. Monitoring their adoption of the training in line with leading indicators of their performance, will increase accountability and encourage the training to be embedded in the their daily sales activities. This reinforces the importance of the training, and good communication with senior management will mean there will be no mix messages about what counts as success in regards to training and performance within the department. To achieve leading indicators goals, your sales team must understand what activities are expected. Developing a sales role cadence brings clarity to how each role within the sales force contributes to the sales strategy.

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