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Focus on the CustomerIn today's highly technical and quick paced world of sales, one piece of advice is very true - listen to the customer. Developing Great Frontline Sales Managers: Four Key Sales Management AbilitiesHigh performing sales managers can have a profound impact on a company's sales results. The Importance of Business Networking in Sales Training The opposite of networking is not working.
Effective Presenting is Key to Successful TrainingI remember being invited to present an end-of-the-year campaign for Autism Speaks on behalf of its Dallas chapter in late 2009. Sales Training Guided by Data, NOT GutThe biggest misconception about sales training is that we can train people how to sell and that it can be done in a one-day workshop. 7 Sales Force Development TrendsWhat changes are you already seeing in the sales landscape in 2013? Building Great Sales TeamsTraining involves the true use of corporate resources – encompassing time, people and cost – to prepare employees to perform and contribute to the organization. Improving Sales Performance: New Rules for LeadersImproving sales performance has never been more important for major global corporations. Discover What the Customer Values Most and Validate itThe keys to effective strategic account planning” is a best-practice model Performance Methods Inc.
Driving Business Results Through Sales ExcellenceOne of the biggest gaps in the traditional approach to sales “training” is the time some organizations spend on conducting analyses to uncover key skills, competencies and attributes of top sales representatives (with the aim of emulating those abilities and hiring people who have the same traits). BOULDER, CO (BRAIN)—Selling Cycling, the industry standard in retail sales training since 1996, has been revitalized with all-new dealer-driven content and partnerships with the NBDA, 3point5, Sparc Retail and Shimano. The new content revolves around ten topics determined by a survey of over 200 top retailers last August.
Retailers can now access the online training content through the Selling Cycling site, as well as through other brand-specific training sites developed by 3point5 and Sparc Retail (Shimano, Giant, Felt and others). Keener said he had been competing with the likes of 3point5 to provide brand-specific product content, but realized he didn’t have the resources to offer complete line information for big vendors. Retailers who subscribe to the Selling Cycling content will automatically be linked to the content through its partner websites.
NBDA member retailers pay $200 per store for an annual subscription to Selling Cycling, while the non-member price is $295. From onboarding to new product rollouts to customer service, investing in effective corporate training programs for sales associates is essential for retail organizations. Corporate training best practices are often painted with a broad brush, highlighting those tried-and-true techniques that apply across all industries and employee roles. In a retail setting, sales are directly correlated to the amount of time an associate spends interacting with and serving customers.
Every training event is an opportunity to communicate to employees about the brand and the brand values of the company. Much of the corporate training that happens in retail sales environments, particularly for onboarding employees and rolling out new products, is self-study, whether it be e-learning, m-learning, or nano-learning. Customer service training and product knowledge training are excellent candidates for branching scenarios.

While these corporate training best practices may be invisible to customers, they will surely experience the results of effective training when retail sales associates are knowledgeable, consultative, friendly, and courteous. While learning is a process, in the world of sales training that process must be accelerated. One of the critical skills needed for gaining recognition in your chosen field is the ability to communicate clearly.
Selling Cycling developed a new web-friendly style, with shorter, faster-paced two-minute video segments, including animation as well as live-action video. Instead he chose to focus on sales and customer service and license the content to other training sites. We are 110% committed in providing our owners the best opportunities in Thoroughbred racehorse ownership.
Check out these five best practices from our extensive experience creating award-winning corporate training for this audience. Yet every industry vertical and each type of role within the organization has its own unique “flavor.” One of SweetRush’s areas of focus is designing corporate training for retail sales associates.
If associates are in front of a computer or in a training room, they’re not on the floor selling products. Good retail training infuses brand awareness and advocacy through every scenario and interaction.
Yet it’s important to take advantage of the knowledge and experience of supervisors and team leaders, as well as opportunities for peer-based learning.For one of our retail clients, we develop “Meeting-in-a-Box” materials, which are designed to be short training sessions facilitated by a store manager. And every happy customer is a win for the associate and the company.Interested to see real-world examples of corporate training for retail sales associates? This segment discusses how training protects a company’s most important asset and competitive edge — its people. The style is designed to appeal to young retail staffers and fit shorter attention spans, said Ray Keener, creator of Selling Cycling.
We’ve been fortunate to have long-term collaborations with several clients in retail, and together we consistently raise the bar on the training offerings provided to their store associates.
To meet this objective, we employ strategies that make training quick and effective and, if possible, keep them on the floor at the same time.One such strategy is iPad®-based (or other tablet-based), on-the-floor training. This is important within any company, but hugely significant within a retail environment because the training serves as a tool for reinforcing the brand and teaching employees how to bring the brand values to life when interacting with their customers. Training is an investment in your associates. Rather than a straightforward lecture on new products or working with customers, the Meeting-in-a-Box approach uses role-plays and games to create an interactive, engaging experience. Face-to-face training also provides an opportunity to create a shared experience that bonds the team and reinforces the company culture. So, when we develop branching scenarios for retail sales associates, we use real-life scenarios and responses from store associates. A question that often arises around scenarios is whether we should use video or animation.
Head over to SweetRush’s Our Work page, showcasing e-learning, m-learning, animation, and video training programs for retail sales and customer service. All of our racehorses are provided with the best training programs available and treated with unparalleled veterinary care. Now, of course, even within retail operations, each company needs a custom approach based on the products it sells, its customer demographic and service approach, and the overall company culture.

By using a mobile device, retail sales associates can take their training courses while staying on the floor.
How you demonstrate your brand to customers through your marketing and advertising should be consistent with how you demonstrate your brand to your associates. Often it is a lack of understanding of how or when to apply the skills. An extremely effective strategy for retail sales associates involves customizing customer service (say that three times fast) by developing a company-specific model.
Yet there are some common strategies that work well in retail environments.So, without further ado, let’s take a look at five best practices we keep in mind when developing corporate training for retail sales associates.
By giving the same level of care and attention to associates, they recognize the importance they play in promoting the brand, and they see that you acknowledge how important they are in bringing the brand to life. App-based training can double as a customer service tool, supporting consultative sales with customers. Animation, however, can be more cost-effective, especially for training courses that are frequently updated.
Deviating from this philosophy only exasperates the health of the racehorse, compounding injuries, thus diminishing the overall performance of our equine athletes. Two-Year-Olds in Training Sales Objectives 2010To purchase Two-Year-Olds in Training at Ocala Breeder's Sales Company Select Sale February 10 and March 17-18.
For one of our clients, we designed this very solution, in which learners can take their training courses and show customers important product information. These courses include videos and animations that show the features and benefits of the product, which can be used during the sale itself.Nano-learning, bite-size learning chunks of five minutes or less, is another very effective strategy for the retail environment.
A customized approach creates a new model in the retail sales associate’s mind that can be followed with specific steps. These quick bursts of learning minimize time away from the sales floor, while distilling content down to the most important facts sales associates need to know. The majority of our horses race in Southern California at Santa Anita Park, Hollywood Park, and Del Mar. We strongly encourage all of our clients to visit their racehorses and trainers on the backside of the race track.
Managing Member Tom Specht has organized a business model with detailed organization, easy to read financial statements, with full accountability.What type of horses do we look for?We look for a variety of runners based upon athleticism, conformation, and an excellent pedigree.
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