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The golden rule for every business man is this: a€?Put yourself in your customera€™s place. If 80% of your revenue comes from approximately 20% of your clients, can you afford not to pay special attention to those Key Clients? Maintaining a key account successfully requires effort from the entire organization, senior management to the junior most employees.
The senior management while developing policies and strategies should structure them in a way that they give special attention to key accounts while ensuring the other non-key accounts do not feel belittled. Work Better Traininga€™s workshop will focus on how to maximize business from key clients through an enhanced service experience and by providing solutions to their needs. Key Account Management (KAM) is about identifying, analyzing and building strong relationships with those clients or accounts that are most important to the longterm success of the organization.
A great account manager can contribute to sales increase, cost reduction and an increase of customer loyalty. This developing major accounts course is essential for any salesperson trying to develop a major account.

This relationship building course focuses on maximising revenues through all accounts by enhancing cross selling and up selling capability. This module highlights the need to be more than just a ‘sales person’ but someone who strategically becomes a Business Consultant, Long-Term Ally and Strategic Co-ordinator! The training is concluded on the afternoon of day two where attendees are separated into three groups and given a role-play case study to work through. Their objective: to gain sufficient information to develop a powerful strategy to develop this key account. At the end of the afternoon, each group must deliver a final presentation detailing the information they have gleaned and the strategy they will take to develop this key account.
Attendees are then encouraged to write SMART action plans to assist them to put into practice what they have learnt over the last two days.
Post workshop projects will challenge participants to implement a key account plan with an existing customer.
Analyze the impact that the businesses from these clients have and you realize that the loss of couple of such valuable accounts will make it impossible for you and your organization to thrive, sometimes even survive.

The entire organization has to work cohesively to formulate a strategy to enhance the overall experience of key clients and executing it to perfection. They need to ensure that these policies are well understood down the line and are implemented effectively by the front line team. We have designed this workshop around the fact that longer the customer stays with the organization, more the growth in revenues and reputation. So are you doing enough to maintain, nurture, defend and continuously provide value to those clients?
Participants in this workshop will traverse through various activities and use of simple techniques to better the relationship with clients and analyzing different scenario, so that they will be better equipped to manage key clients.
It is involves creating close, mutually beneficial relationships with strategically or financially important accounts.

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sales training key account management

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