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Expert advice, tips, and sales training enablement content for today's leading sales and learning professionals.
Corporate Learning and Development (L&D) departments are under pressure to produce results.
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Richardson is a leading sales training and sales effectiveness company with over 30 years of experience.
We are the “how” to the “what.” We are the only company that provides an emphasis on the skills necessary for your sales professionals to execute properly and enable them to succeed. The report researched the programs and initiatives that organizations are using for sales training and any patterns in how these organizations leverage external providers to assist in achieving performance goals. The mission of the Sales Excellence Review is to provide you and your teams with tips, insight, information, and best practices for improving your sales performance.
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Transformation requires multiple projects with cross functional dependencies and critical path management.
Once business goals are identified, SPM assists in defining - in behavioural terms - what it means to move into a new paradigm. Role-based Competencies - derived from behavioral blueprints that target behavioral change - support the overall sales strategy.
Delivering any program requires careful consideration of logistics, learning styles, business impact, timing and delivery modes.
Ideally, integration of processes into supporting systems is completed prior to sales enablement. Tangible, Sustainable, Sales Productivity Improvement requires a streamed approach across different corporate interest groups.
Sales Coach now is a global sales training and sales coaching service that produces quantum leap results by empowering entrepreneurs and sales professionals with effective, on-purpose selling skills.
Selling comes naturally to some people, and they always seem to know who to talk to and what to say. With extensive sales experience, Ursula Mentjes, Sales Coach Now coach and trainer, discovered the most effective selling strategies that work best in different situations.
Would you like to get past the fear of selling that keeps you from following through with prospects and closing sales?
Engaging in our sales training programs may be the most valuable investment you can make for yourself and your business. The world’s favorite brainiac, Albert Einstein, was a notorious class-bunker and teacher’s nemesis, demonstrating once and for all that lecture halls aren’t always the best places to learn. A host of refreshing new sales training programs reveal that HR departments are taking staff teaching to new heights.
While Apple generates its ubiquitous mystique by hinting at a ‘secret’ retail sales training manual that supposedly reinvents the wheel of in-store service, the cloak and dagger steps it’s implementing are as round and traditional as those that were used by the trade geniuses of yesteryear: presenting sales as a science, the computer giant is carving its niche as America’s most lucrative retailer through the old fashioned principles of warmth, product knowledge, and listening skills.

Today’s digital empire has refaced the way retailers teach, and the change is engaging millennials in ways that grasp the imagination and tug at the sleeves of inspiration, spurring a motivated staff complement with a thirst for profits. When the first interactive computer game brought Tennis for Two to vector screens, the goal of its design was to teach the public about atomic power, proving that before trials exposed play’s teaching superpowers, people instinctively guessed their potential. This helps your staff to set a clean foundation for sales tactics in the real world, blowing lecture halls and team building tactics out of the water.
Storytelling is at its best when front line staff members need a fresh injection of passion before a major change.
All around the world, human resources managers are unearthing new ways to have a giggle, and it’s taking them all the way to the bank.
By digitizing your training, you can inject humor into social networking, e-learning, and presentation programs, turning learning into fun, and fun into passion.
With you, we establish sales best practices, evaluate talent, build capability and consistency through world class training, and sustain necessary change.
We want to help you understand what you need to know and what you need to do to be successful and meet your personal and company objectives.
Through sales training practices and personal coaching, there will be more confidence with potential clients. SPM helps design cost effective, high impact execution programs with mixed mode delivery options.
When you can educate your prospects about the benefits that they will receive from your products or services, selling gets very exciting! However, most sales professionals and entrepreneurs are not like that and would benefit from sales coaching and sales training.
She shares her vast knowledge by teaching entrepreneurs and sales professionals how to achieve the focus and motivation essential to achieving success in sales.
Would you be willing to step out of your comfort zone and learn how to identify the prospects you should contact (and those you should ignore because they will not be open to your offer)?
We offer various sales coaching and sales training programs that accommodate your specific needs and fit your resources and circumstances. As other retailers adopt the same art of selling, the real magic is coming from the modes of sales training themselves.
It’s only during the last ten years that retailers have unveiled the profundity of gamification’s training clout.
Gartner predicts that by 2014, over 70% of Global 2000 corporations will be using gamification in their employee training programs. Weaving a good yarn (and listening to it) is an innate part of being human, so retailers have begun to use as a radical way to build fired-up sales teams. At orientation phase, a compelling tale about your brand, your personal rise to success, or that of past front line achievers gives your trainees a tangible sense of your brand and their lives within it.
Wise cracks have become the latest best practice, with retail titans like Nike and Overstock tickling the funny bones of their latest hires while simultaneously clearing spots for themselves on Forbes’ best retail employers list. Prior to co-founding MindTickle, He was a Director in PwC’s management consulting practice at New York, and has been a senior member of product teams.

Through our time-tested customization process, we ensure your solution reflects your unique culture and values, which drives rapid adoption and lasting results.
Selecting and managing the right partners for your transformation journey can be a daunting task.
Execution of rollout plans and ongoing monitoring of sales management’s ownership and drive of the adoption process are a key focus for SPM during this phase. Our goal is to integrate, wherever possible, with existing programs to minimize disruption and maximize ROI. However, if your sales presentation is ineffective, your results will not reflect your hard work. The effective sales training program offered by Sales Coach Now is exactly what you need to grow your business to the next level and beyond. Her workshops and seminars are invaluable in teaching the essentials of selling: confidence, clarity, intention, connection, mastering money conversation and getting results! The coaching and sales training courses offered by Sales Coach Now will get you the results you've only been dreaming about!
You may choose one-on-one coaching or group coaching, and you may even want to take advantage of our efficient appointment setting service. It pushes staff engagement up by an impressive 33%, erasing the tedium of traditional techniques by stretching attention spans, awakening emotions, and honing problem solving skills. Telling tales helps employees to believe in their goals, which inevitably leads to a high-performance sales force. As a team building exercise, it’s also a far cry from those lame egg and spoon races you used to subject your trainees to. SPM provides the processes and experience to remove the guesswork from your initiative and reduce your risk of program over-runs and blow-outs. Tied to readily traceable metrics, they ensure post-training application of new behaviors is driven through to business influence.
You may have a wonderful product, a great business opportunity, or a fantastic service to offer, but if you fail to communicate the message effectively, your sales and your business will not grow. Why settle for mediocre results when you can enjoy a highly successful business simply by engaging in an excellent sales training program? No matter what level of training or service you require, the value you will receive is sure to be far greater than the investment you make. Imaginations enchant away the dry, dull nature of numbers and product points, transforming them into values that can almost be touched.
For greater results, facilitated workshops allow executives to understand overall program impact and to identify and address prioritized barriers. We have the solutions and sales strategies you need to achieve sales success and help you take a quantum leap!

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