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During the year we will learn new skills that will be used to help class teachers and children in class and we will undertake a larger project in the summer term which is yet to be decided.  E-Safety is big on our agenda and all leaders will be taught to be aware of how to keep safe online by trialling new websites and apps. Early in the year, Mrs Daines called me for a meeting to discuss an upcoming idea of a Digital Team. The original team included just me.  We soon recruited Mathilda Briscoe and we each then chose an assistant, Jenny Lycett and Olivia Curtis. On the day we gave out the Application forms there was a huge crowd and over 50 children completed application forms.  The interviews that followed were a great success.

Our job as digital leaders and assistants is to help our teachers with digital devices and our classmates if they are stuck.
We meet every Monday and Mrs Daines teaches us new skills.  We have already learned how to take apart and put together a computer so that we can fix problems during the lessons and can help put away the tablets and make sure they are charging.
Throughout the three-day program, students explored The Student Leadership Challenge: Five Practices for Exemplary Leaders through the lens of Fr. ISN program director, Kim Miller, reflected on the program’s intentions by saying, “ISN is committed to developing emerging leaders for solidarity and justice.
Peter Rogers, former director of campus ministry at Regis University and current doctoral candidate at the University of Maryland, offered the closing keynote address to the group on Sunday morning and the faculty sessions were led by Christopher Kerr, executive director of the Ignatian Solidarity Network.

Each class had a separate lunchtime to visit the computer suite and ALL of the candidates turned up. Arrupe provides a strong example of leadership for social justice grounded in strong Christian faith.

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school leaders practice exam

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