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Guests who would like to make reservations at The Beverly Hilton should contact The Beverly Hilton reservations desk directly by calling 1-310-274-7777. Pepperdine's School of Law provides a superior legal education that aligns personal values with areas of interest, such as dispute resolution, religion, public interest, criminal, and entertainment law. Pepperdine is a top-ranked university deeply committed to its Christian foundation and the integration of faith, academics, and values.
The 39th Annual School of Law Dinner welcomed more than 600 guests into the ballroom of the Beverly Wilshire Hotel on February 18 for a unique gathering that saluted The Right Honourable Beverley McLachlin, chief justice of Canada. In a fireside chat with School of Law dean Deanell Reece Tacha and Pepperdine justice-in-residence the Honourable Allen Linden, McLachlin addressed the differences between American and Canadian judicial systems, and the relationship between the two countries as strong allies.

Earlier in the day, Chief Justice McLachlin, Judge Henry, and Dean Tacha, presided over the 38th Annual Vincent S.
Chief Justice McLachlin continued her involvement with the School of the Law in the week that followed as a guest lecturer in three classes. At Pepperdine School of Law, we guide graduates toward fulfilling careers through rigorous academics and individualized pathways to success. Jackson Award, which recognizes individuals who personify outstanding public service when upholding the rule of law.
Henry, former chief judge of the United States Court of Appeals, 10th Circuit, and current president of Oklahoma City University, with the Vincent S.

She also participated in an open forum, making herself available to the Pepperdine community, as well as the public. Pepperdine students Karissa Hurst and Amie Vague, on behalf of the petitioner, and Ardy Pirnia and Andrew Quist, on behalf of the respondent, argued a petty theft case involving a homeless military veteran.

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school of law dinner bristol

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