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For business leaders—even the most successful ones—leadership itself presents daily challenges with consequences that can affect many people. We asked 11 members of Young Presidents’ Organization, “What is the most important leadership lesson you have learned?” for examples.
That the fastest road to success isn’t about assembling smart people and working hard, but rather engaging people in a bigger ideal than themselves and positively engaging people to work as a team.
Although you have to trust people, you must be prepared to expect any kind of negative situation and keep calm and focused on your goal.
Falling in love with an idea before testing it—what you love might not be the case with others (and especially your target customer). My mentor was talking to me about how leaders must be inspiring to other members on their teams. YPO (Young Presidents’ Organization) is the world’s premier network of chief executives and business leaders connected through the shared mission of becoming Better Leaders Through Lifelong Learning and Idea Exchange™. Today’s school leaders face a new education landscape, one fraught with challenges and new expectations. Hoff admits that this new way of thinking bucks the culture of traditional education and can be difficult for veteran educators to embrace.
To help foster change, Hoff suggests school leaders take advantage of the readiness of their “All-Stars and new teachers, who enter the field with fewer inhibitions that their more seasoned colleagues.” Celebrate their successes through memos, congratulate them at faculty meetings or reward them with new authority and other related perks. Often the right path is not obvious or the easiest solution, but the lessons learned are invaluable and the experience is a rite of passage.
The most difficult part for me was transitioning from trying to do everything myself to becoming a better delegator. In the nonprofit sector, there is a pervasive belief that each organization has to be all things to the clients they serve. Quite a lot of leadership is about the energy that we bring to the table, and the energy of the leader is the energy that mobilizes and inspires the team to go forward.

If you are going to make improvements or initiate change or do anything at all unique or innovative, it is going to be disruptive for people. YPO provides 23,000 peers and their families in more than 130 countries with access to unique educational and networking experiences designed to support their business, community and personal leadership. Smart leaders are realizing the benefits of applying business principles to school practice, as they navigate this tricky new terrain. They “must be proficient in educational best practices and adept in finding ways to ensure that their teachers also continue to grow and better meet student needs.” They are no longer simply managers. Today’s business leaders know that they must continue to learn new skills if they are to remain one step ahead. Millennials represent a very different kind of worker than the Baby Boomers and Gen-Xers that preceded them. As we scaled Grindr, I have learned the most important aspect of delegation is finding competent people—and not settling.
It took a while for me to learn the value of measured decision-making and objective analysis of difficult situations.
Some people will appreciate you for it, but there are just as many who will want to blame you for it. Executive coach and former educator Naphtali Hoff shares eight leadership skills 21st century school leaders can borrow from their corporate brethren. The standards ushered in an era of reform, marked by increased accountability, new forms of instruction and a change in roles for students and teachers.
School leaders must now adjust their operations and adopt new practices in order to support emerging pedagogies and ensure deeper learning, according to Naphtali Hoff, president of Impactful Coaching & Consulting. Business leaders are grappling with this new reality, trying to figure out how best to work with this shifting labor pool. So often, school leaders fall into the mindset of being instructional leaders only, to the exclusion of the other aspects of school function.

This is similar to the corporate world, in which the bottom line serves as the ultimate arbiter of success. Once I realized that I couldn’t be the leader I need to be and be everyone’s friend, things got a little easier. Outline what success looks like and offer examples to ensure that staff members channel their energies effectively towards the right ends. New demands and educational paradigms mean that yesterday’s training is not enough to stay current on new research and educational tools. School leaders must be institutional leaders as well as instructional leaders (though instructional leadership is still their primary task) in order to help their schools succeed in a competitive era with growing constituent expectations.
School boards must be willing to invest in their leaders, to provide leadership training and coaching to help them successfully achieve their many tasks.
For long term projects, ask for regular evidence of progress to avoid missed deadlines and unpleasant surprises. They will walk – or not start – if they do not like the work environment or value its mission.
This should be targeted, goal-oriented professional development, not simply the “one size fits none” perfunctory training that has become commonplace in schools today. If principals are to recruit and retain younger teachers, they must understand the needs and wants of these Gen-Y teachers so they can get the most out of them.

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school of leaders g12 lessons

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