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Without a bit of a doubt, the multipurpose software you download here is far superior to any products in similar categories.
You should definitely use only the latest versions, and particularly the Bright and especially Ultimate software packages.
If one computer fails, you may reinstall your software on other computers of your personal usage. If you need to download programs from several categories (most visitors do), you will return to this hub page. There is an even more detailed page presenting the principal software categories and individual titles: Presentation of the Best Software for Lottery, Gambling, Science. This category comprises a wide variety of software working with many lotto and lottery games. This category comprises a wide variety of utility software working with many lottery and lotto games. The gambling software (also gambling mathematics software) performs statistical analyses for the casino games of Baccarat, Blackjack, and Roulette. Version 3.0 February 2016 added layers of data analysis as in the mainstream LotWon software. A data type was not large enough to calculate the odds that the jackpot will be won in the Powerball frenzy of January 2016 (an estimated value of 1.5 billion dollars). Important changes to the Markov Chain programs: Both Followers and Follower-like Pairings are generated by the same methodology.
The Follower-like Pairings are generated by the shorter analysis range for number frequency (ParpaluckF). This Markove Chains methodology shows an improvement in performance based on analyses of past drawings in several lottery games. The following programs only changed two filter names: from FoRS to Del4 and FivRS is now Del5.
The following five software packages will forever be known as the Ultimate Software for pick 3 4, lotto 5 6, horse racing trifectas. Software creates lottery, gambling systems based on skips (gaps between hits); it applies to many lottery, lotto games, plus horse racing, roulette, American football. Lotto software calculates the amount of and generates combinations that add-up to a sum for most lottery games in the world; plus statistical analyses of lottery history files (standard deviation, delta, root sums, averages). Download this program once, then copy it to every Bright.exe folder to replace the older version. A software collection of lottery utilities to especially update the lottery data files (DATA* in Notepad++). Powerful new function generates precise combinations from the skips, or any text files with numbers in the proper format. This program takes one or more lines (strings) consisting of numbers and breaks down each line into smaller number-groups: from 1-number groups to groups of 7 lotto numbers per combination.
Software that was free before the introduction of paid membership; also, the software has always been accompanied by free instructive Web pages. The latest updates, plus error fixes to Bright lotto software, lottery software, horse racing programs.
Scientia is the best scientific software for mathematics, probability, odds calculations, statistics, combinatorics, lexicographic order.

The Web page dedicated to the reversed lottery strategy (LIE elimination) was updated as well (reverse-strategy.html). Also, a version of the user-group feature was incorporated into the combination generators and lotto wheel generators. High-powered software for horse race wagering is serious software for serious horseracing bettors. High-powered integrated pick-4 lottery software — the most powerful software packages for 4-digit lotteries. High-powered integrated pick-3 lottery software — the most powerful software packages for pick-3 lotteries. High-powered integrated lotto-6 software — the most powerful software packages for 6-number lotto games. High-powered integrated lotto-5 software — the most powerful software packages for 5-number lotto games. Lottery software generates combinations for absolutely any type of lotto game, plus horse-racing straight trifecta sets.
BjOdds.exe precisely generates all favorable cases (busted hands) and all possible cases (total blackjack actions). Please enter at least one email addressYou are trying to send out more invites than you have remaining.
All other software applications elsewhere only give you lottery number frequency and a few prepackaged lotto wheels — some asking you to pay US$ 200!
They require a 32-bit or 64-bit flavor of the Windows operating system (XP, Vista, Win 7, 8, 10). They have every program and function needed for that particular game or collection — and then some.
It handles lotto 5, 6, 7, Powerball, Mega Millions, Euromillions, Thunderball, Keno, pick 3, 4, Pick 5 (formerly Quinto).
Horse-racing is treated as a form of lottery, more specifically pick-3 lottery (trifectas).
The programs deal with theory of probability, calculating odds for various games of chance. There is also software written by other authors or offered as shareware by third-party vendors. It seems just about impossible to improve on these outstanding pieces of software… in the near future, anyway. For example, the Command Prompt lotto software creates 4+4 filter files; the strategy-checking utility finds the past lottery drawings when a particular strategy hit. The latest version includes a generator of full 1X2 systems, especially applicable to football proper (soccer). Furthermore, the freebies are meant to be proofs of quality before visitors decide to apply for paid membership. Lottery pairings and LIE elimination, combination reduction, reversed lotto strategies are emphasized. The problem made impossible to use the two functions in conjunction with SkipSystem.exe, the lottery software that generates strategies based on number skips. This update also fixes problems in duplicate stripping and wheeling, plus generating sets with favorite digits and applying exclusions.

The truly winning roulette software package, with gambling systems can be checked against any results file. Thus, mathematically precise calculations of the blackjack odds and house edge are possible for the first time ever.
The special page also presents clear information on how-to: Download, install, run, and backup your software. The software performs statistical analyses, generates the filter reports, then it generates optimized trifecta combinations.
Then, the data files are updated in their corresponding Bright folders by the Backup function. This feature is very useful when you want to generate only combinations for, say, the lotto frequency ranks between 10 and 25.
That is, the user has the choice of generating lotto combinations with constant gaps or skips between them. It bundles in a convenient system the most important pieces of roulette software created by Ion Saliu.
Your membership pages offer direct download link to the integrated software packages (Bright, or Ultimate Software).
You can also create beautiful DOS or Command Prompt screens via batch file programming (16-bit-only software).
Or, you can rename first the respective programs, and then download the new versions of November 2015. FileLines.exe will create a report with the common drawings when the two lottery strategies hit. Each number-group will be sorted in ascending order, per combination; only unique lotto combinations will be saved to the output file. For example, starting at the very top of a combination set (the lexicographical order #1), then step 90, the following combination generated will have lexicographic order (rank) #91,…, and so one, to the very last combination in the set. The latest version includes wheel layout forms to quickly and accurately apply the roulette system based on wheel halves layout, bias betting — the original roulette system that was pirated and distributed at exorbitant prices. Be sure to read the ReadMe.txt file soon after you downloaded and uncompressed your package. And every member has access to specialized pages with descriptive information on downloading, installing, and running this one-of-a-kind software — always imitated, never duplicated.
The latest Bright and especially Ultimate Software collections are, by far, the best choices. The mathematical software calculates and generates permutations, combinations, arrangements, exponents — and also calculates the lexicographic indexes or orders. To my best knowledge, no other piece of lotto software can accurately generate universal N taken M at a time combinations.

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