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I’m sure you remember those movies when someone entered an office or library and suddenly a secret door appeared and the bookcase opened to reveal another room. But secret bookcase doors are actually not that difficult to incorporate into a home’s design. You can either make it disappear into the wall completely or allow it to stand out one way or another.
Architecture & Design was started by an Afghan entrepreneur, he believes that wellbeing is affected by the spaces we spend our time in and that their design is an important notion to consider with regards to our personal comfort and happiness – whether we are at home, at work or at play. About Us Architecture & Design is an online magazine that tries to unite all those orbiting in the Architecture Art and Design sphere. Just because you're not Batman doesn't mean you can't use a hidden room that's camouflaged as a bookshelf.

To support all the weight of the bookcase, he used four heavy-duty casters, cutting off the wheels and welding on conduit box pieces in their place.
If the internal structure of your home allows you to, you can even find a small room and hide it behind a bookcase with a secret door.
Maybe you have a collection that's worth a lot of money, or a super-secret lab—or, like YouTube user korostelevm, maybe you just want a good hiding place for your guns.He turned his closet into a secret room hidden by a bookcase, complete with the obligatory movie-inspired book-for-a-handle trick.
The cord is connected to the handle through a small hole he drilled, and the lever is hidden inside a space he cut out inside an old copy of The Grapes of Wrath.
Maybe it’s the mystery or the suspense that is created when the door is opened or maybe it’s just the fact that everyone likes to have something that they feel is only theirs, a secret space that nobody knows about.
For example, if, at one point, a certain door in your room needs to be replaced, preferably a door somewhere underneath the stairs or a door that leads to another room, then you can use this opportunity to transform it into a secret bookcase door.

That tiny room can be your quiet place, where you can read, listen to music or simply relax and get away from everything whenever you need some peace and quiet. We’re only going to explore a few and hopefully you can use the following examples as inspiration for your own project.

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secret bookcase 60cm

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