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This website is intended for viewing solely in the United States and its territories and possessions. Watch a sneak peek and check out photos of the new episode of SECRET DIARY OF A CALL GIRL season 3 episode 4 which airs on February 22 at 10:30pm on Showtime.
Billie Piper is getting ready to dress up, strip down and get paid to fulfill men's fantasies between the sheets — on screen, at least.
Exclusive Sneak Peek: Showtime's Penny Dreadful Re-Creates Creepy Victorian TimesWe can thank the Victorian era for some of literature's most disturbing characters, and now Showtime has gathered them in one place. Weekend Playlist: Doctor Who and Other TV Legends (Burnett, Cosby), Plus: Red John!Who knew?
You don't have to be a Whovian to appreciate this jaunty re-creation of a simpler, scrappier time in TV history. Doctor Who Renewed for Season 8The BBC has renewed Doctor Who for an eighth season, the company announced in conjunction with Saturday's Season 7 finale. Secret Diary Of A Call Girl Show Synopsis: From the sensational bestseller in England, The Intimate Adventures of a London Call Girl by Belle de Jour, comes the SHOWTIME® Original Series SECRET DIARY OF A CALL GIRL, the story of the day-to-day adventures of a high-end London call girl. At Ben’s bar, Belle discovers Ben wants to end it with her sister Jackie, but is too scared to do it himself. I hear you have some big news, off-camera?Billie Piper: I have a new baby, so it's all quite full-on at the moment.

Piper, who began her career in England as a pop star, has tackled a range of roles since segueing into acting, from Fanny Price in Mansfield Park to Rose Tyler in Doctor Who. Even though Ben ends up taking her advice by breaking up with Jackie and Bambi ends it with Byron, Belle later disobeys all of her rules with Duncan.
Where do we pick up in the second season?Piper: We get to explore the Hannah side of her character. It's slightly less about the work, more about her as a person and how her vocation and her personal life collide, mainly because she falls in love for the first time in ages. And for the first time ever, she starts to question whether she's in the right profession, and whether she can carry on, because she's fallen for someone that's got no idea that she's a high-end hooker.
So, there's more lies and deceit going on, and it's interesting to watch two worlds in a head-on collision. I was praying that the breakup with his fiancée would leave the door open for them as a couple. But some big stuff goes down with them, and their relationship is on the line yet again, and it's as tempestuous and mad as it always is. So we're still pushing boundaries with the clients and more factual, fascinating client stories.
Or are they extrapolated into their own at this point?Piper: They're all from the horse's mouth, so to speak, but they're not all from the book and Belle herself.

In Season 1 when you meet her, she's not that far into her profession, she's quite green and quite new. It's very hard to live a dual life, to hide a massive part of your existence from people that you love. She has this kind of great pad, and these amazing clothes, and I think she's seduced by all of that. But I think there's something in her personality that few of us possess, which is that ability to emotionally disconnect from sex. Often I'm asked, 'Do you not think this show is advocating prostitution?' It's like, well, if we all had that ability to emotionally disconnect, I think far more of us would be having sex for cash. So, it's ideal having this exec producing role on the season, because it's a way for me to cut my teeth, and learn the ropes and be more involved.

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secret diary of a call girl season 1 episode 2 online

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