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This site uses cookies, if you continue we'll assume you're happy to receive cookies from us. The Secret Safe Diary Visual for children aged 6 to 11 years has a voice-activated locking system that only responds to your voice, as well as a colour screen and camera that will make your diary and personal organiser really stand out. You can connect your Secret Safe Diary Visual to the VTech Learning Lodge Navigator to download different frames, stamps, and effects to use with your photos. With the Secret Safe Diary Visual you can create your own profile, store your friends' information, and capture precious moments. The Secret Safe Diary Visual will help you with typing skills, creative play, logic, vocabulary, and maths.

With the 0.3-megapixel camera on the Secret Safe Diary Visual, you can take over 1,000 photos to decorate at any time and watch funny animations. There are 20 different activities including a virtual pet for you to look after, lots of games, an alarm clock, and a calendar function, as well as a hidden drawer for storing your secret mementos. You can also get extra themes for the diary to really make it your own, as well as extras for your virtual pet so you can really look after them however you want. As well as this, you can create, design, and store over 750 diaries with your very own photos.
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By connecting to the VTech Learning Lodge, you can also download extras for your photos, diary, and pet.

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secret diary visual vtech

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