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I recently did a compilation, "50 Books About Star Wars." I was stunned by the dozens of books devoted to the subject and how profoundly influential the series has been in our culture. This list displays the array of subjects and studies the series has spawned, from technical details to the cutting edge technology that brought the visionary tale to the screen and influenced two generations.
It's a list that shows the birth and expansion of a universe whose force has changed the world.
The Star Wars scholar had access to the Lucasfilm Archives and its huge stash of never-before-published interviews, photos, production notes and anecdotes. This volume collects 30 years' worth of information on the Star Wars universe, ranging from science and technology to history and geography, culture and biography to ecology and cosmology. Darth Vader's attire is one of the most recognizable costumes on the planet, along with the white hard-body suit of the Stormtroopers.The Lucasfilm Archives granted full access to the original costumes of episodes IV, V, and VI.
This volume collects the original technical drawings and provides in detail the conception and development of the movie that changed culture. Lorne Peterson, one of the key members of Industrial Light & Magic, the company that created the effects for the Stars Wars films, takes us through 30 years of intergalactic adventures. Brush up on how Exar Kun nearly destroyed the Jedi academy or when Han Solo first met Chewbacca and Lando Calrissian.

Kaminski presents the history of how Star Wars was written, from its beginnings as a science fiction fairy tale to its development over three decades into the epic that has become, well, universal.
The Star Wars films feature complex themes ranging from good versus evil and moral development and corruption to religious faith and pragmatism, forgiveness and redemption, and many others. Luke Skywalker's journey -- from his early life on a desert farm to his act of redemption that helps transform an entire galactic civilization -- captures many of the struggles of the modern psyche, and exercises a powerful sway that has the elements of religious myth.
This essay collection offers a fascinating psychological analysis of various aspects of Lucas's richly rendered galaxy. With over 200 new costume photographs, sketches, and behind-the-scenes photos and notes, based on new interviews, we get a fresh perspective on the creation of the clothes and costume props that are an integral part of the characters themselves.
Four decades and 37 billion dollars later, Star Wars-related products are found everywhere in the world. There are new takes on familiar topics, such as wondering if The Force has to have a dark side. Here are the engineers, designers and artists who created vivid, exotic and enduring locales and sets. The essays here tackle such philosophical questions as: Was Anakin predestined to fall to the Dark Side?

From the Force to the dark side, the issues discussed in the films have a moral and spiritual complexity that, if paid attention to, can help us better understand our place in the world and our relation to others and to God. He shares insider details about the models developed, along with computer graphics that created pioneering scenes and effects, opening new galaxies in film making. McDowell argues that George Lucas intended the films to be entertainment and a vehicle for moral education.
The essays study the recesses of the psyche and shed light on the ultimate lesson of Star Wars. Why would the citizens and protectors of a democratic Republic allow it to descend into a tyrannical empire?

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secret history of star wars scribd

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